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Custom printed T-shirts have great potential to reach a bigger audience than mass market retail. But, the cost of operating your printing press and hiring staff to run it can be high. That’s where custom print company RareCustom comes in! Using RareCustom, you don’t need to own a printer or employ staff to print t-shirts on demand. You can now customize and print t-shirts anywhere by accessing the site. With custom t-shirt printing made easy, you no longer need to shop at expensive specialty stores or order them online at very high prices. You can easily create custom print t-shirts on demand on RareCustom. Read further to learn more!

What is Print On Demand?

Print on demand (POD) is the method where a company makes products according to customer’s orders, rather than producing the products in advance according to the requirements. You don’t have to have an inventory of printed products. Usually, a company will have a certain number of products they need to produce, and then they will use an order form or website to allow customers to place orders. The company will then have a certain number of orders that they need to fill. They will then use a manufacturing facility to produce the goods based on people’s orders. The printing done by the manufacturing facility is a ‘print on demand.’ You don’t have to have a printing press or a massive amount of employees. This technique is ideal for start-up businesses wherein they will gain more.

How to Custom Print T-Shirt On Demand Using RareCustom

Printing customized T-shirts is not as complex as you think, especially using RareCustom. This company has made it easy to design, upload, and print T-shirts on demand. The steps to designing and printing t-shirts on demand are explained below.

  1. Search for RareCustom On Your Browser. Open your device and connect it to a network. Search for RareCustom on your browser. You’ll land at the homepage, where you will see the ‘Custom Tshirt‘ button. Click this button to start the customization process.
  2. Choose The Clothing Fabric. There are plenty of fabrics that you can choose from in the selection. Select the clothing fabric that you offered to your client. Make sure to click the correct clothing fabric.
  3. Incorporate the Design. Upload the design that you created and offered to your clients. If the shirt is according to the client’s design, upload the design on the platform. You can make the placing of the design better using the tools available on RareCustom.
  4. Select the Print Method. The print method would vary on the clothing fabric and design you chose. A commonly used printing method is screen printing. Although these are trendy, they often don’t last long due to peel-offs when constantly washed.
  5. Order the Custom T-Shirts. You can immediately place your order once done customizing. The custom t-shirt will land on your doorstep as soon as it is finished.

Introduction To RareCustom

RareCustom is an online custom t-shirt printing company that makes it easy to print clothing to meet the needs of businesses and organizations. The website makes it possible to design custom clothing. Its easy-to-use platform allows you to create custom apparel or labels for retail items, such as t-shirts. You can also design custom logo clothing or labels. RareCustom offers a fast turnaround and reasonable price to customers.

RareCustom is a website that lets you design and order custom t-shirts on demand. The website offers lots of stock colors and printing options so that you can create custom t-shirts for any occasion. You can design your t-shirt designs on the website using their design templates. RareCustom lets you create custom t-shirts to suit your taste and styles. You can also upload designs from your computer and print your custom t-shirts on demand. The best part about RareCustom is that you can design and print custom t-shirts using any device.

Benefits of Using Custom T-shirts

Custom printed t-shirts are ideal for promotional events, trade shows, and conferences. These are used to spread brand awareness and attract new customers. They are also perfect for fundraising campaigns, political campaigns, and nonprofit organizations. Custom printed t-shirts can also be used as a business or personal branding tool. They are excellent for increasing brand visibility, building customer loyalty, and generating sales. In addition, they can be used as employee rewards, gifts, and customer appreciation items. Custom printed t-shirts are great for marketing your business. You can use them to promote your product or service, build brand awareness and attract new customers. 

Tips On Creating Print T-Shirt On Demand

Creating a Print T-Shirt On Demand can be overwhelming and pressure at first. Here are some helpful tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Keep in mind the culture of your customers when designing custom t-shirts. If your customers are teenagers, you can customize t-shirt colors and images that appeal to them. If they are in their 20s or older, you can design T-shirts that appeal to their style and interests. The current print trend for young adults and teenagers is small t-shirt designs such as texts and animation characters.
  • Plan the design of your t-shirts first. When you have planned the design before printing it, you will know what you need to do and the materials you need to use to print the t-shirts, including the colors and graphics of your t-shirt and the logo you can print on it. Planning the design will allow you to save time and materials.
  • Use high-quality graphics and images while designing your custom t-shirts to ensure they last long. Make sure that you create the t-shirt using high-quality ink and fabric. If you don’t want to experience peel-offs, using sublimation printing is a good choice. Also, do not use too many colors in your design, as this can make your custom t-shirt unreadable. 


Print T-Shirt On Demand is a technique used by small business owners. Custom Printed T-shirts have great potential to reach a bigger audience than mass market retail. Using RareCustom to Print T-Shirt On Demand is the best way for you to cater to the needs of your customers immediately. Pay less for a high-quality custom t-shirt using RareCustom.


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