Coffee Table Inspiration: 7 Decorating Ideas

Coffee Table Inspiration 7 Decorating Ideas

To the surprise of many people, they would be shocked to know the importance of decorating their coffee table. You may have the best sofa designs or artwork in a living room, but you must tie them together using real centerpieces for tables. So, how best can you decorate your coffee table? We have several ways you would consider a beautiful display. Let us see them below.

Keep It Simple

keep it simple

As the saying goes, less is more sometimes. You do not always have to make something grand to have the best centerpieces for tables. The coffee table is mostly supposed to be simple, and so are the decorations. In this case, we only have a bowl that makes the table uncluttered and still looks neat.

The bowl can also be replaced with a clear vase vital for holding a few stems of flowers or used for holding keys or something. A simple and minimalist approach is what we seek with this kind of decoration.

Add Books

add books

Do you enjoy reading? If that is the case, using the books as part of the coffee table decoration is also possible. Simply place a stack of books on top of the table, and that is it. Ensure to arrange them in a way that helps showcase the titles of the books.

Some people may consider displaying them with a strand of beads, a box, or a bowl. The aim is to also make it playful and make it stand out.

Books would generally elevate the decor as they often work as conversation starters with your guests. They would consider knowing more about what you enjoyed after reading a book. Also, some have already read the book and want to discuss it further.

Use A Decorative Tray

decorative tray

It is not new to find trays on tables. It has been quite a common thing to see people using decorative trays for various uses on their coffee tables. The most obvious use would be to use it for serving your guests. This is where a person can place a few things the guests need while being served.

A good example of a decorative tray is the one pictured above from NUPTIO. We find it good for adding great looks to the coffee table and, at the same time, remaining functional. It is a great way to create modern-themed centerpieces. We see it also possible to add flowers and other decorative items to it for a beautiful display.

Add Flowers or Plants

flowers or plants

We would not have a complete list if we did not include plants or flowers on the coffee table.

Start by adding a vase with fresh flowers or faux flowers if you like on the coffee table. There are so many shapes of vases to consider, so it should not be hard to get something that works for you.

Let us assume it is a glass coffee table, then, you can do well with glass vases. The wooden coffee table is more versatile as it can work with different materials. Also, the choice between real and fake flowers or plants is personal. You may choose what you like.

Add Candles

add candles

Another way of making the coffee table look great is by adding candles. You may choose whether you like the scented or unscented candles. Expect the coffee table to look great with the candle glow on top of it.

This will also be a nice decoration piece if you do not have pets or kids that might knock the candles off the table. Of course, you should also be using decorative candle holders. They will help improve the effect of the candles on the coffee table.

You will also easily choose the type of candle that works for you. Check different options in the market and see the candle type that suits your space better.

Use Toys And Be Playful

toys and be playful

Even your children’s toys can be a beautiful way to have the right centerpieces for tables. They will add dimension and depth to the coffee table, making it look unique. You can try playing around with different toys each week and see how well they work out as part of the decoration.

If you have several kids, then you know many options for toys. Make sure to pair them with other decorative items such as bowls, books, and more. Some even add an ottoman close to the coffee table to have a beautiful look too. It is worth seeing how it works for you.

Add Metallics To The Centerpiece

the centerpiece

One thing we like about using metallic showpieces on coffee tables is mostly because of their versatility. They will be a good thing for you to keep enjoying since they look so good. An example is having a metal flower vase such as the one pictured above. Expect to get many other options in the market that would make the centerpiece look even better.

You may also opt for a statue rather than a vase, which will still look good. We like to use cast iron figurines as part of the decoration. This would make the table centerpiece look timeless also. You may still include book stacks together with metallic decorations to add depth to the display.


Looking at the options listed above, we can say that it is possible to get many ways to decorate your coffee table. Most of the time, you just have to use what is available to you, which will improve the look of your coffee table. Things such as flowers, plants, bowls, books, and others are known to be simple but have an impressive effect on how the coffee table remains decorated. This list should not limit you to what you would like to try. Some even add fruit for a pop of color or storage to make the coffee table more functional. It is up to you to decide what works best.


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