Closing Process Closing In? 6 Tips For a Stress-Free Real Estate Closing

Female Realtor In Hallway Carrying Out Valuation

 For homebuyers inching closer to closing day, the stress leading up can be intense without proper planning. Though you may think an accepted offer secures your spot, there are several critical steps to take before signing to ensure your dream house goes through. Read on for six must-do tips to ensure a stress-free closing experience. 

Make the signing as painless as possible

To keep the signing process short and sweet, you’ll need to get organised, and this is where Entry Conveyancing Brisbane can help. Conveyancers ensure all important documentation is filed neatly, ordered correctly, and includes notated signing fields for easy access.

You can even go one step further by inquiring about a mobile notary that can meet you and your realtor at your preferred location. If you’re thinking, “there probably isn’t a mobile notary near me,” think again. Mobile notary agencies operate in all fifty states.

Complete a walk-through before closing day

To bypass unpleasant surprises on closing day, make sure you schedule a final walk-through before you sign, noting any inconsistencies or damages. In addition to checking for structural issues, test all appliances, the HVAC system, and outlets during your final inspection. After you’ve notified the sellers of any complications, don’t forget to check back in to ensure they’ve completed all repairs

Pick out your homeowner’s insurance policy

Another stress-relieving step to tick off before signing day is securing a solid homeowners insurance policy. However, before you jump the gun and settle with the first company you find online, collect quotes from several property insurance groups to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Each plan offers different coverage, so sit down with your agent and outline your insurance needs based on your new home’s square footage and age.

Keep your credit score in check before closing day

Though it may be tempting to begin furniture shopping asap, putting charge after charge on your credit card to furnish your new home, you might want to think twice before wracking up any dept. You’ll want to maintain a solid credit score— avoiding large loans and excessive card usage— to keep sellers from becoming nervous and revoking their offer. 

Take the day off from work when closing

Those who have purchased a home before understand what a whirlwind closing day can become, with unexpected delays waiting around every corner. Between reading through pages of paperwork, finalizing escrow payments, and transferring the deed, you may be in for an all-day event. To sidestep additional stress, consider taking the day off work and clearing your schedule of any interruptions to eliminate distractions and further delays.  

Remember to bring a cashier’s check to the closing

As your signing date approaches, make sure to pick up a cashier’s check with the final closing amount. In order to make your transaction official, the sellers will need guaranteed payment, which is why a cashier’s check is an ideal form of payment. 

Wrap up

Though you should expect some stress on closing day, you can eliminate most moving anxiety by completing the steps above. By preparing early, staying organized, and communicating with the sellers, signing day will be a breeze. 


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