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It’s hard to miss out on a Panthers game, especially when you’re rooting for the team. But game tickets can sometimes be a burden for fans on a tight budget. It is essential for anyone looking for cheap Carolina Panthers tickets to keep an eye out for deals and potential discounts. Here are a couple of tips if you want to score a ticket to the Panthers games without breaking the bank!

How To Buy Cheap Carolina Panthers Tickets

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Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Carolina Panthers are an NFL team belonging to the NFC South Division. They were established in 1993 as the NFL’s 29th franchise and initially played as an NFC West Division member. Since their formation, the Panthers have won two NFC championships and six division championships and appeared in the postseason games eight times.                

The team plays its home games at the 74,867-capacity Bank of America Stadium, which is a football stadium at 800 South Mint Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. You can head to the stadium’s box office to purchase cheap Carolina Panthers tickets without fees. Though they are also available at face value, and nothing less, it is still a better option for those who live in the area and don’t want to pay service fees while buying online.

As everyone might know by now, there are many trustworthy ticketing websites offering Panthers tickets at affordable prices. You can find them online and compare to get the best deals for the games you want to attend. In fact, the online platform has become one of the most reliable places for fans around the world to conveniently and securely purchase their tickets from.

Many fans take advantage of joining fan clubs to get access to presales. Being a part of a fan club will come with nominal charges, but they are highly beneficial if you’re a regular goer to the games. You can save a lot of money along the way and often find discounts and special deals on the tickets.

Besides fan clubs, you can also subscribe to a newsletter, a ticketing website, or certain credit card companies like AmEx. In addition to getting into a presale, you can also get cheap Carolina Panthers tickets. They are good options if you want to watch all the season games.

Watch a less popular game! Games during the weekdays and nights see fewer audiences compared to the weekends. Also, some games attract more crowds than the others, depending on who the Panthers are playing with. You can do your research and choose a ticket accordingly. The logic is that popular games draw more people, increasing ticket demand and price. You’ll see a considerable drop in the ticket cost for a less popular matchup or game day.

Another effective strategy to score cheap tickets to a Panthers game is patiently waiting for the right time! Ticket prices are at their peak a month before the game day or right after the schedule is out. You won’t want to rush your purchase during this time if your primary concern is to get a reasonable price on the tickets. You might be able to purchase the same seats at a much lower price a week before the game.

Although it isn’t the safest method, many fans have found waiting for the craze to settle beneficial for getting cheap Carolina Panthers tickets. The longer you wait, the higher your chances of getting the tickets at the lowest price possible. But that also means you’re at a high risk of not finding one at all, especially if you start looking only on the game day.

Fans wishing to get cheap Carolina Panthers tickets can purchase single tickets, as they are less in demand, thus, cheaper than the others. If you’re going with a friend, you can opt for piggyback seats or get single seats in the same section. On the contrary, a large group of friends can ask for group discounts at the box office while purchasing the tickets. So, either way, there is an option for everyone.

Scalpers will be available outside the venue till the end of time unless there is a strict prohibition! But we suggest making it your last resort as they might rip you off your money if you’re not familiar with the stadium, seat locations, and face value of the tickets. Nevertheless, there’s a good chance for you to get Panthers tickets at even half the actual price because some genuine sellers are just trying to get rid of the tickets without a total loss.

You can find scalp-free areas in the area where you can purchase cheap Carolina Panthers tickets from other fans. These zones prohibit sellers from exceeding ticket prices beyond their face value. A little talent in negotiation and bargaining can be helpful while buying from them!

Check out reliable websites online to find tickets of your choice. You can pick one depending on your budget, seat preference, game, and other factors. Remember that the seat location also plays an important role in determining the price of the tickets. Sorting the tickets according to the price range will help select the right ticket without wasting too much time.

Finding cheap Carolina Panthers tickets shouldn’t be difficult if you know where and when to buy them. The Panthers have a massive and loyal fan base that relentlessly attends their games to show support no matter the weather. Therefore, ensure you’re still keeping the high demand for tickets in mind while waiting for the best deals.

How Much Are Cheap Carolina Panthers Tickets?

Fans can purchase Panthers tickets at a price as low as $50 on online platforms. The prices can vary depending on the type of the game, the team’s opponent, and who you’re buying from.

How To Buy Cheap Carolina Panthers Tickets?

You can follow the tips mentioned above to score cheap Carolina Panthers tickets. Several websites, including the official venue and team’s websites, are available for you to purchase your tickets securely. Comparing their prices and keeping an eye on them will be beneficial while trying to get the best deals.


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