Chase Campbell: The Driving Force behind Size Up Supplements and Apparel

Size Up Supplements and Apparel

After suffering numerous defeats, Chase Campbell founded Size Up which is now one of the most popular brands in America. With 8 stores across the country and an illustrious roster of clients, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Chase Campbell was once just like everyone else with a dream – but he had something that no other entrepreneur could deny him: determination. After failure after failure as his business ventures crashed against each new obstacle thrown at them from every direction imaginable- failures including having doors closed on their faces by both investors and even friends who were deeply invested into what they believed would be successful enterprises for themselves- all hope seemed lost until finally, someone said yes.

What Brought Him to Start the Business

It was the year of 2011 when, in his high school years, his father’s job in Detroit had been outsourced overseas and he lost all hope for a new-found prospect. This is where most auto industry workers have left with no jobs once again as well; it crashed alongside many more who found themselves just like him–jobless. Just months later they would lose their home too because paying monthly payments became an impossible task without steady income from one person working full time while everyone else contributed what little they could afford on top of that weekly paycheck at best.

After the family’s home was foreclosed on, they were left with no place to live and had to stay with relatives for months. It wasn’t easy but it turned out to be a pivotal moment that made him realize he needed an income so he could help them get back up again legally. He started brainstorming ideas of how best to make money for his loved ones not to go through what they’re going through now financially.

How Did He Get His Idea or Concept for the Business

His entrepreneurial spirit was ignited in 2012 when at the time he had a full-time job and wanted to make extra money on the side. Now with his successful business idea that fills this industry void, he has been able to give up both jobs and focus all of his energy on making them grow even more.

This was just when e-commerce stores and online ordering were starting to get popular but a lot of people still wanted to buy supplements in person. The logistics of this approach would be more difficult with that same strategy now because the convenience for customers is getting better and easier through e-commerce stores without any real need for contact unless it’s an emergency.

His Advice for Other New Entrepreneurs

Never give up. No matter how crazy people tell you that your idea is not going to work, don’t listen to it. Instead, use their negativity as fuel for the engine and keep on turning until anything becomes possible with hard work and perseverance. So many people come up with a great idea but then quit after only a few months because they weren’t making money right off the bat – without knowing what was necessary to see success.

He opened his first clothing store, Size Up. His life became about the business and he was there all day every day for 7 days a week to make sure everything ran smoothly. He put in a couch at the back of the shop so that if exhaustion got too much, he could take five minutes to lie down and sleep it off before going back into work mode again.

Chase knew he was a good worker and always tried to be the best at his job. Despite how bad of a day he had or how slow the store might have been on that particular visit, Chase would never let it show in front of customers; instead of making sure they felt like royalty as soon as they walked through those doors.

Potential Market Share He can Achieve for the Next Three Years

The fitness or wellness industries are booming, and the prospects for growth look great. It is estimated that by 2020 both markets will have tripled in size; this also means that there’s an increased demand for supplements like protein powders or amino acids to aid those who work out regularly. In turn, more people than ever before can experience the benefits of working out healthier lifestyles and improved mental clarity among other things.

They want to make it easier for people on the West Coast and abroad to find their products, so they will be opening up a new warehouse on the West Coast as well as adding more stores.

The Best and Worst Purchases He Ever Made

He’s not a materialistic person- his generosity is shown in the gifts he gives to others. He keeps himself minimal, but makes sure that other people enjoy life more than him!

He doesn’t spend extravagantly on himself; instead of buying expensive things for himself, he spends it all giving nice presents to friends and family (his girlfriend and mom benefit most from this).

One of the many things that make him tick is exploring new places. He typically only travels for an extended weekend, so he doesn’t miss too much action at work during his time off.

Who Supported Him the Most of His Life

For years, he looked up to his parents for inspiration. They taught him early on that giving up is never an option and instilled the hard-working mentality necessary for success later in life– which has always been a major driving force behind all of his achievements.

What are His Future Plans

He tries not to plan too far in advance because usually when he or the people he know have and the plan they had didn’t come true it sets you up for disappointment. However, if there was one thing that could be planned out with certainty is having kids at some point and getting married.

As he continues to travel the world, Chase is also continuing work on his business. He wants Size Up to be a household name and for it to eventually become one of America’s largest supplement and apparel retailer chains.


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