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The experience that Capital One Arena suites provide can be described as astounding and significant. It isn’t every day that you get to enjoy a memorable experience in the lapse of luxury that comes with VIP boxes and suites. It would be a one-of-a-kind experience to be surrounded by some of the finest amenities and furnishings that you can lay eyes on. Whether it is a game or a concert you wish to attend, make it memorable by booking a Capital One Arena VIP box. You’ll surely be impressed with the special treatment that awaits in these private spaces. 

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Located at 601 F St NW in the Penn Quarter neighborhood, Capital One Arena opened as MCI Center in 1997. It is regarded as one of Washington’s most commercially successful indoor arenas. The arena fits between 18,573 to 20,356 fans, depending on the event. It is home to the NBA Washington Wizards, NHL Washington Capitals, and NCAA Georgetown Hoyas. Getting a chance to witness an event in the comfort of a Capital One Arena VIP box is a highly coveted experience. After all, with the frill and convenience that luxury suites offer, it isn’t hard to see why they attract a lot of people. 

If you wish to experience the finer side of an event, you might be able to find a beneficial Capital One Arena VIP box for a major event. A luxury suite or box provides fans with a private space of their own where they can enjoy premium perks and privileges away from the multitude of fans attending the event. You’ll be able to enjoy the performances of your favorite teams or artists at the most coveted angles in the venue. From having access to private restrooms to being waited on by a dedicated in-seat attendant, it isn’t hard to see why attending an event as a VIP guest is on top of many people’s wish lists. 

Luxury and convenience are synonymous when it comes to a Capital One Arena VIP box. When you book a suite, you might be able to enjoy several exclusive perks and benefits that include in-suite catering, VIP parking, and VIP event entrance. For instance, VIP boxes and suite holders will be able to enjoy the convenient service of Aramark catering. They’ll also be able to access VIP parking at the Lexus Garage, which is attached to the arena, for the highest level of convenience. There is a dedicated VIP entrance at the confluence of G St. NW and 6th St. NW.

The privileges that Capital One Arena suites offer can’t be rivaled. It isn’t surprising why fans can’t get enough of the VIP treatment. The privacy and the high level of comfort and luxury give fans something to remember and feel proud of. If you wish to access a VIP club at the venue, you’ll be delighted to find fantastic club options. Capital One Arena VIP Club seats are available for suite ticket holders. Lying on the Club Level Concourse, the PwC Club features a premium bar and restaurant with plush seating, private restrooms, and more for high convenience.

There are five Capital One Arena VIP box and suite options that guests can choose from. The Lexus Level Suite accommodates up to 18 guests with available catering. These suites are located on the 300 Level at the venue and surround the whole arena. The general seating arrangement on this level includes 12 fixed seats and six barstools around a high table. These suites feature two HDTVs, a dedicated attendant, a wet bar, and a private restroom. The Lower Level Suite includes 20 tickets with common amenities like a suite attendant, HDTVs, and private restrooms. These Capital One Arena suites lie on the first suite level with exceptional views of the hottest actions. 

Placed on the second level of Capital One Arena, the Mega Suite accommodates groups of 28 people with three VIP parking passes. You can request catering in advance. Amenities include a coat closet, stools, high-top tables, a private bathroom, and a full wet bar. Similarly, the Kettler Loft Level Suite also fits 24 to 28 people with up to two parking passes. These Capital One Arena suites are located on the Club Level that lies on each side of the 200 Level, and they’re the largest selection of suites in the arena. The suites feature a wet bar, closet, refrigerator, and HDTVs. Fans looking for a smaller private space can go for the open-air Loge Box that seats 6 to 8 people. These options are located 26 rows up from the main field and offer great views. The boxes offer amenities like HDTVs and counter space.

Capital One Arena is a frequent host to a variety of events. You can catch various interesting events like ice hockey, basketball, wrestling, fighting, arena football, figure skating, and gymnastics. The arena has also hosted multiple notable concerts from renowned artists like Elton John, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Prince, Bon Jovi, and more. No matter what the event is, you might be able to find Capital One Arena suites to enjoy the event in a memorable way. There are various upcoming events and concerts, including The Who, Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, and New Kids on the Block, among others. If you wish to live a blissful night in the lapse of luxury, be sure to get your hands on exciting suites tickets. 

Capital One Arena VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Capital One Arena VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?  

The rate of Capital One Arena VIP Boxes & Suites can depend on a variety of factors like the type of event, suite location, and more. They can range from $1599 to $12000. If you wish to secure single tickets to join others in a shared suite, it will cost between $145 to $750.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Capital One Arena VIP Box Or Suite?

A Capital One Arena VIP Box Or Suite fits a different number of guests. The Lexus Level Suite includes 18 tickets, and the Lower Level Suite includes 20 tickets. The Mega Suite and Kettler Loft Level Suite fits more people and comes with 28 tickets each. The Loge Box is perfect for an intimate experience with 8 tickets for smaller groups.


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