Business Trips: Why is it Better to Rent a Minibus in Frankfurt than to Use Public Transport?

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Coming on a business trip to Frankfurt, which currently has a population of over 750 thousand people, you can always use public transport, as the transport network is well developed and you have many options to get to your desired destinations.

This can be handy when you arrive alone. If you need to attend a lot of events and business meetings that are located in different parts of the city, then you can plan your trip and look at all possible options for how to get to a particular place. However, if you are traveling with your colleagues, then public transport may not seem like such a smart and convenient choice. In this case, it is much more convenient to use minibus hire Frankfurt, because in this case, you do not have to worry that you will miss important business conferences or run into a lot of trouble along the way.

In this article, we will tell you more about each type of public transport in the city, and also explain why it is more convenient to use private minibus hire Frankfurt for business trips.


Coming to this city, you will find that understanding the system of public transport can be a very difficult task since the city is divided into no less than 7 zones. In this regard, if you need to visit different parts of the city in one day, then you can just go crazy while getting directions or understanding the fare.

There are more than 35 types of tickets. You will need to research all of the suggested ticket options as the cost of each varies depending on whether you will be in the city center or if you need to get to more distant points in the city. Therefore, minibus rental in Frankfurt can be your salvation, because during the trip you can prepare for important meetings, arrange a briefing with colleagues to discuss what you will say to your business partners, instead of pushing around in the subway or tram.



Usually, in big cities, most people prefer to use the subway, as it is one of the fastest public transport. Frankfurt also has a subway called the U-Bahn. While traveling through the city center, the path will run underground, and if you need to get to more remote points, you can enjoy the view of the city, since the route runs on the surface.

In general, the system is well established as the average waiting time for a train is around 3 minutes, but in the evening you may find that you have to wait for even more than 10 minutes.


This type of transport in the city is at the highest level. Routes run throughout the city and you can take one of over 10 routes. With over 125 stops located throughout the city, this might be one of the best options if you’re traveling alone. In case you need to travel with a team, especially if you are in the city for the first time, then you will need help to choose a route that will take you to the right place.


Since the first two modes of transport are developed at a high level, there is no need to develop bus routes. However, they can be used to get around at night as this is the only available option other than a taxi. Buses run until 6 am, but the waiting time can be more than half an hour.



Many businessmen, when traveling to another city on a business trip, prefer to use a taxi, as it is fast and convenient, and there is no need to build a route to get to their destination by public transport. However, full-day taxi rides can be expensive.

Taxi fares in Frankfurt range from €2.90 to €3.5 and each subsequent kilometer will cost €1.7-1.9, so you might think it’s not that cheap. If your team consists of more than 4 people, then you will have to bother to order minivans that can transport your entire group.


The public transport system is developed in the city at the highest level, and if you travel alone, you can easily get to anywhere in the city. However, if you are coming on a business trip with your colleagues, then the best choice would be to rent a minibus. If you want to save on transport and travel around the city comfortably, BSC Travel offers you to rent a minibus at a reasonable price.


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