Business Owner Celebrates Success Despite Pandemic

Business Owner

Sometimes success means success for you. Sometimes it’s success for someone else. And In the case of Amendeep Sharma, sometimes it’s both.

When COVID struck, HeartCMS, Amendeep’s award-winning digital marketing agency, found a way to do what so many of us have been doing- trying to make the world a little better for people where they could. They reached out to local businesses whose physical doors had to close during the pandemic and helped them to open virtually. HeartCMS did this free of charge for many clients who had no access to their products and services. 

Not only did Amendeep’s business reach great success, but he helped many others to do so too. Speaking of his Digital Marketing Agency, Amendeep says that “success, for us, comes in seeing our clients succeed.”

HeartCMS has been helping people since 2012. The digital marketing agency offers a wide range of services for businesses of all sizes—from website design and content creation to telecoms- and they are proud to have built a team of over 15 dedicated and passionate staff who love helping people just as much as Amendeep does!

Business Owner

With the introduction of National Lockdowns over two years ago came a whole new set of challenges and some unexpected successes. Amendeep found himself with just as much work as he had previously, a growing client list (even more!), and an exciting new baby to look forward to.

And yet… he still felt inspired. He realised that the pandemic had not only given many people more time at home but made them more likely to do home renovation projects. That’s what led him to start Handcrafted Oak Shelves, which has flourished into a booming bespoke shelving business.

Amendeep followed up the success of his first online retail business with a new venture in November 2020: The Online Printer. Using his experience and expertise, he got things up and running just two short months after launching Handcrafted Shelves.

The Online Printer offers a personalised print service that complements Amendeep’s other digital marketing services and allows him to provide custom printing and design services to current clients while also reaching out to new customers. 

It looks like he has no plans to slow down either. “I will never stop looking for the next opportunity to grow and expand,” he said.

With his varied business ventures, we can’t possibly predict what Amendeep will do next, but we do know that whatever it is, it’ll be amazing. 


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