Building a Team and Hiring for Digital Companies in Vietnam


Vietnam is a potential market that has been welcoming many innovative businesses for a while now. Since the country is aiming to emerge quickly with other neighbouring countries in the region, it encourages foreign entrepreneurs to come and do business here. One of the trendy businesses that have proven successful for a while is opening an outsourcing business that helps build software and recruit an offshore team for companies. 

Vietnam has a large talent pool in IT consisting of multiple areas such as front-end development, back-end development, web development, full-stack development, etc. Compared to other developed countries in which the IT industry has been on top of the world, Vietnam is still behind. The reason for that is because Vietnam still lacks the resources and expertise to invest in this fast booming industry. However, the country is still well-known for its outsourcing ability and I believe with its potential, the IT sector will play a key role in Vietnam’s economy. 

Vietnam has a solid background in IT since this is one of the main sectors that the country is trying to improve. Some innovative startups and big outsourcing companies such as Techvify, KMS technology, Global CyberSoft, etc.

To understand better this industry in Vietnam, you may follow the video below to see how the market is operating:

This video includes some critical points:

  • Why Vietnam is a great company to set up a company and build a team
  • How to efficiently find the right talents to join your company remotely
  • How to use the network of IT players already in the market to outsource or expand to Vietnamese more efficiently

For more insights, experience feedback and tips to build a remote team in Vietnam, you can have a look at this ultimate hiring guide from or if you consider building a team in Vietnam.

Top barriers in working with a Vietnamese IT company 

People often say they’re worried that they cannot work with Vietnamese because of the language barrier. Going back to 5 years ago, such was indeed an unpleasant experience when working with a Vietnamese developer. Vietnam market didn’t require a high level of English communication from the IT workforce. However, as more international companies decided to enter the country, the mindset was asked to change. Vietnam quickly adapted to the requirements of the world in English communication by making a few changes to the education and the Qualifications.

The IT industry in Vietnam started to require developers to have certificates that prove they can understand and communicate in English. Back in the day, such an idea of training IT employees with a decent level of English communication wasn’t easy at all. The number of English education centres that specifically trains office workers or people who work professionally was limited. However, the reality changed significantly in 2017 when the demand for English learning began to grow. More English education institutes showed up in the country to help Vietnam get away from its remaining unsolved problem. Vietnamese developers can now easily improve their English by signing up for English courses available everywhere in the country. Nowadays, English is required in almost every IT company in Saigon and Hanoi and is a key factor for developing the career paths of an IT developer. 

Culture shock is the second barrier that concerns most international firms. The reality of working with people originating from a different culture could be quite challenging. Most international companies will expect to work with people having a global working style. For Vietnam 6 years ago, the concept was still rather new. Vietnam had little opportunity to be exposed to the outside world. Thankfully, the appearance of Vietnam in the global market since 2016 (during the time when Vietnam decided to loosen its regulation for international firms) made a huge shift in the mindset of Vietnamese workers. The practice of becoming global began to receive recognition. Many companies adopted this mindset and applied it to their training procedure as compulsory. The workforce since then, began to embrace a different look in the way they work, interact, and engage.


Lastly, the lack of references is something most international firms, entrepreneurs, and businessmen struggle with when finding an IT company. Even though Vietnam has been around in the global market for a while, there are usually not enough reference materials on who to work with, how they work, and the procedures of working with them. Picking the right partners for the right project might cost you a great deal of time as well as the resources A solution to this matter is to go through a talent acquisition partner.

Vietnam never had any talent acquisition partner for international firms to recruit essential talents for their company. Today, using headhunting for key positions or big teams has been widely used in both local and international companies in the market. Thousands of companies are now a lot at ease when outsourcing/hiring IT companies in Vietnam to work for them thanks to this new wave of the hiring process. The waste of time and resources is now no longer a concern. If your puzzle still remains unsolved, this is certainly the right move you should take. 

Working with a talent acquisition partner 

There’s an effective way that helps the matter become easier for foreign entrepreneurs and international companies who look forward to recruiting skilled developers in Vietnam: Connecting with a talent acquisition partner. In many cases, things get out of hand.


They don’t relate much from the language perspective. The problems can easily vary between the companies and the applicants. Therefore, it has never been easy for international companies and foreign-owned businesses in Vietnam to look for the right applicants/dedicated developers for a project.

A talent acquisition partner speaks the voice of both sides so that they can achieve what they expect. Such expertise requires many years of experience working in an international environment. Therefore, if you’re afraid of not being able to find suitable applicants for your project, a talent acquisition partner will always be a good solution.


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