Brazilian Mail Order Brides: The Complete Guide How to Get Brazilian Wife Online

Brazilian Mail Order Bride

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Brazilian brides are good-looking, optimistic, and loyal to their core. Here you will find out where to meet your ideal Brazilian mail order bride and how to make your experience in the international dating scene successful. Let’s start the journey with several dating platforms that provide users with comfortable and convenient online dating.

Best sites to meet a Brazilian woman

  • LaDate: Plenty of ways to discover women (including matches) and even more ways to communicate with them.
  • ColombiaLady: Communication features include everything from favorites and virtual gifts to video chat.
  • LoveFort: There is a matching algorithm where you can discover Brazilian ladies who match your tastes.
  • LatinWomanLove: The detailed profiles and search filters will give you all the information about the woman you need.
  • LatamDate: This site makes it easy to stand out from other men: make phone calls, video chat the girls, or send them gifts.
  • ColombiaGirl: You can join the site in under 5 minutes, so nothing stands between you and your search for an ideal Brazilian bride.

Brazilian mail order brides cost

Brazilian mail order bride

The easiest way to meet Brazilian brides is to use one of the popular mail order brides websites — ColombiaLady. However, the joy of meeting such a lady comes at a price. Specifically, you will need to pay to use one of the top Brazil brides sites, and then pay again when it’s time to visit Brazil and your future Brazilian wife in person. This is how much it costs to meet Brazil mail order wives.

Online expenses

Most mail order brides websites with Brazilian beauties have the same way of providing their services to men. You can sign up and browse the site for free, but you need to pay for a premium membership or buy credits to cover additional features. Here is what one month of using a dating service can look like from the financial perspective:

  • Membership: $10 to $50
  • Additional features: $50 to $100
  • Gift services: $100 to $500
  • Translation: $0 to $50

Offline expenses

When you want to find a Brazilian wife, you shouldn’t expect any of the Brazilian brides you get to know to marry you without meeting you in person. After you’ve spent months communicating online, it’s finally time to visit Brazil for your magical first date. Whether you visit Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or a less famous Brazilian city, you will need to cover the following expenses for a 2-week stay in the country:

  • Plane tickets: $1,000
  • Hotel: $800
  • Food: $500
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment: $300

Brazil is not the most expensive country in South America, so some of these numbers may seem excessive. However, you need to keep in mind that you will pay for two when it comes to food, transportation, and entertainment, so those costs are completely justified.

How to find a Brazilian bride

Brazilian bride

As a foreigner, you probably can’t just arrive in Brazil and talk to local women, hoping that one of them will agree to become your Brazilian wife. There is only one place modern mail order brides use to find foreign husbands—they are known as mail order bride services. Here is how to be successful on them.

How to find your ideal dating service

  1. Check out the audience. The two things you are looking for here are the size of the audience, so that there are enough mail order brides to choose from, and its quality, so you could easily find a Brazilian woman to your liking.
  2. Consider the design and functionality. To put it simply, you need to enjoy using a dating site. A clear interface that is easy to navigate, a variety of communication features, and a mobile app will increase your user satisfaction.
  3. Look for reviews. No matter which site you go for, it has thousands of current and former users, and many of them share their experiences online, both good and bad. Look for reviews on popular review platforms or trusted blogs.

How to find your Brazilian mail order wife

All Brazilian mail order brides you meet online have the potential to become Brazilian wives, but you need to choose the right online dating strategy. Here is how to find Brazilian brides online.

  1. Use search and filters to narrow down the selection of Brazilian brides.
  2. Don’t limit your search too much right away — keep your options broad at first.
  3. Actively reach out to Brazilian women — don’t wait for them to contact you.
  4. Make your profile speak for itself.
  5. Try different methods of communication with Brazilian brides.

Are Brazilian mail order brides legal?

Yes, the stereotype about former mail order brides being illegal is not true at all, and there are hundreds of American gentlemen successfully marrying brides from Brazil every year: 1,065 in 2019 and 431 in 2020. There are only two conditions to make your marriage to a Brazilian mail order bride totally legal. One, you need to see each other in person at least once before tying the knot. Two, you need to follow the legal procedure of marrying a Brazilian woman. You can find out more about mail order bride legality here.

How to legally marry a Brazilian bride

Mail order bride marriages are increasingly popular, which is why there are several pieces of legislation concerning them. There is IMBRA—an act that requires American men to undergo background checks before they marry a foreign bride. There is also VAWA, an act that prohibits violence against women in the US.

Finally, there is the K-1, or fiancee visa. It is designed specifically for American guys who want to legally bring foreign women—in this case, Brazilian ladies—to the US to marry them. To apply for a K-1 visa, you will need to supply a few documents, including Form DS-160, police certificates, and medical examination. You can find out more about this visa here.

How to write a dating profile to meet a Brazilian girl

Here are some tips for impressing Brazilian wives online from the start.

Dating profile headlines

Brazilian girls are more likely to respond to a profile with an honest and concise headline:

  • I’m ready to turn a new page with the right woman
  • My happiness puzzle is missing one piece, could it be you?
  • Looking for a partner, a friend, a lover

Dating profile bio

Don’t include more than 5 sentences in your bio, but also don’t be too brief. Definitely mention who you want to meet and what kind of relationship you want. Don’t try to seem overly mysterious, but add a vague fact that will make the girls want to find out more.

Dating profile examples

So how to write a dating profile that will demonstrate your serious intentions and will make you attractive to women? Here is an example of a profile where the man didn’t say much but gave a clear idea of who he wants to meet.

Dating profile examples

Whereas this gentleman couldn’t even spend a couple of minutes filling out his profile, which means his intentions are probably not that serious.

Dating profile examples

How to talk to Brazilian girls

How to talk to girls online to get them to like you, especially when they happen to be foreigners? Here are some tips that will help.

  1. Ask questions and actually remember the answers.
  2. Let your Brazilian bride know she’s the only woman for you.
  3. Talk about your plans for the near and distant future involving her.
  4. Share cute stories about your family.
  5. Don’t mention it if you’re talking to other Brazilian brides.

Online dating conversation starters

Reaching out to Brazilian mail order brides is easy because, in an ideal situation, you are both interested in getting to know each other. However, when you are only communicating online and don’t have access to things like body language or even glances, your desire to have a good online dating conversation is understandable. Here are 5 best first message online dating examples:

  1. What is your idea of a perfect first date?
  2. Are you a cat or a dog person?
  3. What old movie would you like to watch with me?
  4. What ice cream flavor would you say you’re most like?
  5. Are you here to find a partner or just for fun?

Red flags in a relationship with a Brazilian bride

When you meet Brazilian women, especially if you can already see such a partner as your potential wife, you want to only see the good in your relationship. However, even when you believe you’ve finally met your perfect woman, it’s very important to make sure that your relationship is healthy. These are the three red flags to watch out for when dating beautiful Brazilian women:

  1. She’s not very active. The thing about Brazilian people is that they don’t make their partners do all the work in a relationship. When local girls are interested in someone, they will always let him know about it.
  2. She doesn’t share much. If you and a Brazilian girl are only talking about general topics, such as pop culture or healthy lifestyle, but she doesn’t talk about her family life or her own family goals, it can be a sign that she doesn’t take you seriously.
  3. She’s considering other men. Unlike Western culture, Brazilian relationship culture only includes monogamous relationships, so once you are going steady, your Latin woman should only be talking romantically to you.

How to avoid scam

One of the biggest problems with dating sites is romance scam. It has been known to cause personal or financial issues for foreign men who want to date a Brazilian woman. Luckily, the dating industry these days is much safer, but here are the three ways to minimize the possibility of falling for a scam on Brazil dating sites.

Pick a trusted dating service

A top mail order bride service always has the security of its members in mind. These sites constantly revamp their security features and often verify the profiles of single Brazilian women to stop fake activity.

Don’t share too much personal information

The less a potential scammer knows about you, the less damage they will be able to do. Don’t open up completely to Brazilian women on the first day and only when you know enough information about the Brazilian bride, you can begin opening up to her.

Watch out for signs of scam

We have already mentioned some red flags of dating Brazilian brides, but there are also some red flags that have to do with scam activity. When the woman is unusually forthcoming with you, doesn’t want to share anything about her, or is constantly talking about her troubles, these can all be signs of a scam.

Mail order brides Brazil marriage statistics

Brazil marriage

You can easily guess that with the wide availability of international dating sites like LaDate, it’s easier than ever to meet Brazilian girls and that is why mail order marriages are more popular than ever. But how common is it for foreign men to date and marry Brazil girls and what else do you need to know about these relationships? Here are a few statistics to consider.

How popular are relationships with Brazilian brides?

It’s hard to calculate the exact number of American men who marry Brazilian brides because those relationships occur over numerous platforms and are not always accounted for by the official sources. However, the intermarriage statistics show that those marriages are currently on the rise. Marriages between white and Hispanic individuals are now the most popular type of intermarriage with 38% of the total number being between Caucasian and Hispanic men and women. So it’s safe to assume that there are many Brazilian women who are happily dating or married to American guys.

How successful are marriages to mail order brides?

Unless you have male friends who married a Brazilian lady he met online, or a woman from another foreign country he met through online dating, your whole idea about these marriages can be based on stereotypes. According to them, mail order marriages don’t last. However, this is far from reality. 8 out of 10 mail order unions last over a year, and most of them go on for decades.

When do Brazilian women prefer to get married?

A common trend of the international marriage scene is women getting married later in life. European and Western ladies now prefer to tie the knot in their late twenties or even thirties. Men often believe that women in Latin America have different ideas about marriage and don’t mind getting married early. However, according to the official statistics from the past few years, Brazil brides are, on average, 30 years old by the time they get married, so it’s not early at all.

The beautiful women of Brazil take marriage seriously. The Catholic wedding ceremony is their own uniting tradition where the whole family participates. A Brazilian wedding is an event where everything has significance, from the style of the wedding dress, writing women’s names on the soles of the bride’s shoes to know who gets married next, and the music to play during the wedding reception to the list of wedding guests. Some brides from Brazil even take marriage classes to surpass their unmarried friends and become better marriage material. So when you get the idea to get a Brazil wife, you should know that you will marry a Brazilian lady once and for all.

Is there usually an age gap between Brazilian wives and American husbands?

One more popular stereotype about international marriages is that foreign brides—especially from Latin American countries—are typically significantly older than their spouses. On one hand, it’s definitely true that most Brazilian girls, just like Asian brides, prefer their partners to be somewhat older because they are attracted to emotional maturity and success. However, the statistics are clear: on average, Latin brides are only 1 to 6 years younger than their husbands, so there is no huge age gap to consider.

Final thoughts

Dating Brazilian girls can seem like an intimidating idea at first, especially if you haven’t really met a Brazilian woman in person before. However, with the knowledge we’ve just given you and some confidence, you can get a Brazil mail order wife without any extra steps, hesitation, or stress.


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