Best Tool for Transcribing Video Meetings


Recordings and meeting transcription of video meetings are considered the staple items for every business or project. Meetings to discuss the process and growth are essential to the success of any project.

There are a lot of assignments in the business process, starting from the managing, organizational, administrative, and evaluations to the strategies. Most of these meetings involve the core party members of the project. If you are one of them, you will surely know that recording and transcribing are common activities to keep everyone on track.

There’s a need to use the best productivity tool for transcribing video meetings. Manual note-taking can be a prevalent activity on certain occasions. But mostly, people are missing the most important points because they are not able to focus on the topic of the discussion. If you have seen a similar problem on your part, then you’d agree that the use of automated note-taking software is really necessary.

There are a lot of tools that you can get from the marketplace. However, the ones that can really cater to the current needs are few. In this case, Notiv comes out as the most recommended tool for transcribing video meetings.

What exactly is Notiv?

Notiv is a collaborative productivity tool that allows users to automatically record and transcribe their meetings. Notiv basically runs in the background so that its operations won’t be distracting. You just need to set it up and it will automatically record and transcribe the meetings for you. You just need to continue the meetings with your other meeting members. All will be covered by Notiv. At the end of the meeting, you will be able to pull out the transcripts and recordings of the meetings along with their key points, highlights, and executive summaries. All in all, it will be easy to revisit and review your meeting through your transcription files.

Monitoring business meetings has never been easier

Monitoring business meetings can be bothersome and a hassle. When you have many audio and video recordings, it will be hard to track and pinpoint the particular topic to discuss. There are a bunch of pieces of information that were scattered around during the meeting. The transcribed reports from the Notiv app can be helpful whenever you want to revisit the meetings.

You see, revisiting and reviewing the meetings are normal things because everyone will need clarity. These recordings have turned into comprehensive information that will let you know about the action points and the tasks that you and your team need to complete in the future.

There is no need to hire a company to provide the meeting transcription services. That would be too expensive. Notiv can help you keep track of the meetings that are necessary for you and your client.

You can focus on your crucial business tasks and plans. Hand the note-taking jobs to Notiv note-taking software. It will handle and back you up from behind while you can focus on your meetings.

Keep everyone updated with Notiv

Preparation for the development of your business is very important for growth and scalability. The recorded business meetings are later transcribed by the Notiv app in real time.

These transcript files can help your staff with the appropriate training material.

When it comes to the online meeting through Zoom, for instance, not all staff might be participating in the meeting. Some of them are no-shows. Some of them are not even invited to the meeting for professional reasons. Not all staff can be involved in a single activity together.

The transcripts from the Notiv app can be a great source of training materials for those employees. Those who are implementing the strategic plans will also be helped by the points that you share with them. Your teammates will be able to access the result of the meeting. They can revisit the meeting notes anytime they need to recall the important points from the past event.

Multiple speakers? No Problem

Online business meetings in Zoom and other conferencing tools are typically attended by more than one person.Multiple members attending the meeting is not unusual. Zoom can really provide an open opportunity and space for them to state their stuff freely. They can interact with each other. But with a lot going on in your meeting, it can be challenging to capture all of the meanings. It can be hard to comprehend the concept of the meeting.

The transcripts of the recorded meeting, done by Notiv, offer all of the meeting members the ability to revisit the events of the meeting. Not to mention, all of the participants can take care of the issues that emerged in the previous meeting. As you and your fellow meeting participants can revisit the meetings, it can be easier and more straightforward to locate the best points.

The dependable source

One of the most challenging aspects of manual note-taking is that one can be biased about the arbitrator’s referencing method. The fatal issue is when you and your team members agree to misleadingly claim There could be problems at any point when proceeding with the progress of your project.

But with the recordings generated by Notiv, you and your fellow meeting participants will be able to revisit the records. Since Notiv records everything that takes place in the meeting, it can be deemed a trustworthy reference and source.

These transcriptions can be a lot of help for your company in the future.

Improve the clarity

There’s a possibility that your meetings involve a lot of people from different states or countries. That means you will need to deal with some different dialects. The barriers can be more challenging, especially if you or your fellow participants are not native English speakers. It is easy to misunderstand logical terms, phrases, and phonetics. Notiv’s transcription feature can fill in the gaps.

It will automatically record and transcribe everything in the meeting in real time. You don’t have to worry if you are missing something. You can always revisit the recordings. Not to mention, you don’t need to wait for many days before the transcripts land on your device. Notiv will provide it right away.

With so many abundant perks, it can be hard to resist the opportunities offered in the Notiv app.

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