Best Sportsbooks in Mississippi: 7 Best Online Betting Sites and Apps in 2022

Best SportsBooks Mississipi

Mississippi is a great destination for sportsbooks. Whether you’re looking to bet on the big game or just enjoy some cocktails, there are plenty of options in this state and more than enough time during your trip! Visit Mississippi’s website where they highlight their favorite spots with detailed information about each one including what type of bets can be placed as well as any special promotions running at that location right now.

Looking for gaming? You’ve come across exactly what we planned – so many choices within easy reach from anywhere thanks again to our incredible hotels-all rated 5 stars.

Best online sportsbooks for Mississippi players – first look:

  1. Best online sportsbook in Mississippi overall – Bovada
  2. Widest range of sports betting markets – MyBookie
  3. Most competitive odds – BetOnline
  4. #1 MI sportsbook for NFL –
  5. Top pick for DFS – MonkeyKnifeFight
  6. Best crypto betting site –  Cloudbet
  7. Most generous bonuses – Intertops

7 Best Sportsbooks in Mississippi, Reviewed

1. Bovada – Best Sports Betting Site in Mississippi Overall


When you’re about to sign up for a new gambling site, the first thing that should come into your mind is “Is Bovada legit?” This question can help clarify any doubts and reservations. If there’s no answer available on their website or through customer service representatives then chances are something shady could be happening behind closed doors – so proceed with caution!

The answer is yes! But it’s a little more complicated than that. Bovada casino provides safe, US-friendly gambling and does pay winnings; however they are an offshore site so do not need to follow the same rules as American online regulators like the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

So, if you’ve been looking for a reputable sportsbook to bet on your favorite team and it’s not too expensive then this is just what the doctor ordered. Bovada has legions of players that attest they are safe as well as reliable with plenty more pros than cons listed below in our review. So go ahead and take out some money today!


  • Experienced sports, over two decades in the industry.
  • Excellent site and mobile app user interface.
  • Comprehensive betting platform: sportsbook, casino, racebook, poker rooms.
  • Easy sign-up process.

2. MyBookie – Best Sports Coverage


It’s not just about the bets at MyBookie, it is also a great place for bettors who want to have fun and meet new people. With 24/7 customer service as well as incredible bonuses on their site ready for everyone including current members or those signing up from scratch they are one of our top ranking sites with an A- Grade!

Safe deposit methods, as well as plenty of withdrawal options. These come with a low minimum deposit limit and high payout amounts!

With the introduction of MyBookie, there are now two offshore bookmaking companies that accept bets in US markets. These online casinos allow players to wager on just about any sport they want and have relatively low minimums or withdrawal limits so it doesn’t take much money before you can start playing again!


  • Free Credit Card Deposits
  • Large Sign-Up Bonus
  • Promotions & Bonuses Year Round
  • Excellent Betting Software For Desktop & Mobile

3. BetOnline – Most Competitive Odds


BetOnline is a US-friendly gambling site that offers high success rates with credit card deposits. The variety of banking options makes them more likely to be successful than most other sites, and BetOnIt’s customer reviews suggest this speciality has paid off for many people already.

One of the only sites that accepts customers from all 50 states. They get an A+ for accessibility because it’s easy to make deposits using credit cards, which makes them popular with bettors who want quick cashouts or don’t have time on their hands!

They have a variety of wagers for customers from all over the world, but you’ll find it easiest if your home turf is American football or basketball. You can also bet on MMA events by clicking “Mixed Martial Arts” under their menu options; however these odds may not be as good compared to other sports like MLB betting which offers more matches per event (for example).


  • Lifetime Bonus Guarantee
  • $25 Live Betting Free Play
  • Monthly High-Roller Bonus
  • US customers welcomed

4. – Best Sportsbook in Mississippi for NFL Betting

SportsBetting – one of the more unique US-facing gambling sites. They’re one of the few remaining all-in-one gambling sites. You can bet on sports, play poker and casino games. They also offer bingo and financial betting. They accept US customers – from all 50 states. Again, they’re one of the few that do.

It’s hard to find a gambling site that has as many options and promotions. Some are top-notch, while others could use some tweaking—we’ll get into all of this more in just one minute!

The input doesn’t state anything about being non-licensed or unregulated outside the US so there’s no need for additional information on its status here unless you want/need it mention again later down page when checking out their betting policies

The SportsBetting website has a simple and intuitive interface. It’s definitely one of their best features, as users can easily search or navigate through the site on either desktop or mobile devices without any problems at all! We don’t have anything more to add here since they already did such an excellent job with this particular part – but if you happen across something interesting while browsing around online today be sure to give them a shout out over social media 😉


  • One account for multiple products
  • Sports and horse racing betting, casino, poker
  • Valuable bonuses
  • US customers accepted

5. MonkeyKnifeFight – Best MI Sportsbook for DFS

Monkey Knife Fight

The founder of the company, Bill Asher said that he wanted to make it fun for people who are not skilled fighters. The app is available in 31 states and allows users to compete with other people on their phone or laptop while they watch an actual fight happen live!

Gambling on the outcome of sporting events with real money has always been popular, but until now it was only allowed in states where you were physically present. Monkey Knife Fight is a new app that connects gamblers all over the US – players can wager their stakes through mobile devices or browser-based online casinos without ever having to leave home!

A variety of content types are available on the site, but it might be difficult for new users to get started if they don’t have a guide or video explaining what all this means.


  • Tons of Player Props
  • DNP Refund Model
  • Softer Player Pools
  • Reliable Customer Support

6. Cloudbet – Best Crypto Sportsbook in Mississippi

Cloud Bet

The website was super professional looking. We were impressed by how it looked and we wanted to explore more of the site’s features, like its casinos or other products offered for sale. The layout made things easy-to understand without being cluttered with annoying ads that can take up valuable screen space on your phone (yes I’m looking at YOU Betboo).

Cloudbet offers an easy-to-use interface for betting on different sports. Their site’s sorting options allows users to quickly find the type of bet they are searching, and their quick loading speeds make navigating through all available wagers simple!

While online sportsbooks are popping up faster than the speed of light, one major trend has been left out. The lack of esports wagers is concerning because it’s becoming increasingly popular in this industry and Cloudbet needs to keep up with trends or risk being left behind! We hope they do something about it soon so we can enjoy betting on our favorite video game competitions as well.


  • Only Accepts Payments in Bitcoin
  • Very Fast Withdrawals for All Players
  • No Withdrawal Limits (at all!)
  • A Varied Selection of Great Games from Top Developers

7. Intertops – Best MI Online Betting Site for Bonuses


Intertops was the world’s first online sportsbook. They offer awesome promotions and sharp odds to get you started with your betting career, but it doesn’t stop there! The site also has a 50% up-to $200 sign-up bonus that will have every beginner satisfied in no time at all. 

Whether they’re new or just looking for some extra cash on top of what Intertops already offers; this is one deal worth taking advantage of today.

Intertops, located in Antigua and Barbuda is licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The site offers sports betting odds to clients around the world with more of an international customer base compared to other US-facing casinos or books that only operate online. 

Clients can place wagers using their website’s chat function where it translates into German; They also provide support via several different languages including Italian and Polish (among others).


  • Their longevity is unmatched in sports betting markets.
  • No slow-pays or no-pays on their record.
  • Plenty of year-round promotions, in addition, to deposit and reload bonuses.
  • Consistently one of the fastest sites at paying customers.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mississippi Betting Site

Sports betting sites are not accessible within the state. You can only place bets from brick-and-mortar casinos in Mississippi, but there’s still plenty to consider when deciding where your money would be best spent – for example wait times at various locations or whether it has blackjack tables as well!

Free Bets, Bonuses & More
Mississippi is a hotbed for thrill seekers and gamblers alike. You can get free bets with bonuses at the casinos, or you may even receive promo codes from signing up that give an extra chance to win big!

Sports and Odds
The first thing you should do when visiting a casino in Mississippi is find out if it has the sports and events that interest you. The NFL offers betting opportunities, but what about international soccer or horse racing? After finding your desired sport/event of choice take a look at how generous any odds are available by using an online odds comparison site to see which one rates highest against competing casinos.

User Experience
Some companies are concerned about user experience, while others aren’t. It doesn’t matter how appealing a casino is to you though because they all have different websites for bets and odds so it will be hard to find what you’re looking for if none of them appeal

One might want better customer service than another; one person’s idea may not work well with someone else’s preference in playbooks, or look for a fast payout casinos.

Mississippi Sports Betting FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Is Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?

Mississippi is one of the most Southern states in America. But it has a new law on its books which makes sports betting legal for residents and visitors alike!

When can the lucky residents of Mississippi start placing bets?

When it comes to gaming in your favorite state, there are many options available. However one question often remains: when will bettors be able to get started playing their chosen game or types of games online under new regulations being implemented by these states which have legalized gambling!

Is it legal to bet on Mississippi sports teams? 

The answer is yes, but only if you live in or have a license from that state. You can’t place wagers with out-of-state friends either unless they are licensed too!

Is Mobile Sports Betting Available in Mississippi? 

This is something that has been getting a lot of attention recently. It might be time for you to find out if betting on your favorite sport from the comfort and convenience of home with our amazing mobile app!

Final Verdict on Mississippi Sportsbooks

Mississippi is a great place to be for sports betting. You have two choices in particular, DraftKings or SportsBettingOnline and even though mobile betting will have to wait it’s not too late because you can still use your cell phone while sitting at home with nothing but a laptop!

The way I like best about these sites is their welcome bonuses; sign up now if this sounds good on account of the free money (and there are ways around registration). After that, get ready by checking out “How To Bet On Sport” where we’ll teach all our tips tricks n’ whatnots so when placing wagers remember: Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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