Being a Woman is an Advantage in the Security Industry

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There’s no doubt that a career in the security industry can sound thrilling and exciting. It is, after all, a growing industry that continues to gain in popularity, even more so in recent years. Due to the multiple risks and dangers that are often associated with this profession, it is often men who choose to work in the security sector. Although this industry is a male-dominated one, there’s been an influx of women applying for the role of a security guard.

While it may feel strange and even unsafe for a female to take on such a role, being a woman can actually be an advantage in the security industry. Here are a couple of examples that perfectly illustrate how the security industry can benefit from hiring more females.

They can access areas that men can’t

Strong and muscular, male guards are an excellent choice for those who want to have visual deterrents by their side. Their physique alone is often enough to deter potential criminals and keep them at bay. The thing is, a male guard can only follow his clients so far. Areas such as women’s bathrooms along with changing rooms are off limits to men. This is when having a female security guard pays off.

A woman guard can follow her clients in the dressing room and bathroom when needed. When there’s a concert or some other event taking place, female guards are able to conduct physical searches on other females and ensure everyone’s safety. What’s more, women also have a smaller frame than men. This allows them to literally access certain areas that male guards simply can’t.

They take a more diplomatic approach to resolving conflicts

It’s no secret that females are more skillful in resolving conflicts than their male counterparts. Their ability to connect to others and how they feel gives them an insight into what the other person is thinking and offer reasonable solutions rather quickly. Women also tend to be great communicators and have excellent interpersonal skills. This allows them to expertly address any issues and ensure the best possible outcome – which is what the role of a security guard is all about.

Other than their natural qualities and female-specific characteristics, female guards also rely on high-quality training to provide their clients with the best possible service. By law, female guards must obtain a 16 hour security certificate within three months of employment. That way, they can get a more in-depth training and cover additional topics. This will only help their career more and make them even better at their role.

They’re an ideal choice for women-only events

Sometimes, a female guard is simply a better fit. In fact, there are multiple instances where female guards are preferred more as opposed to males. This is often due to the nature of the event that is taking place.

For example, there may be parents that are planning to throw a birthday party for their young daughter. Or, there may be a women’s conference, which is a female-only event. In these and many other cases, hiring a female guard simply makes more sense than relying on the services of their male counterparts. Not to mention, female guards also tend to appear more friendly and approachable. This makes them easier to reach out to in situations where their services are needed.

Their skillset helps them handle situations with ease

Addressing a situation before it escalates and gets out of hand is vital. This is what a good security guard does. It’s not about physical intervention such as kicking those who misbehave out of the venue.

It’s about ensuring the safety of an area and everyone involved in a way that’s authoritative yet calm and collected. Women’s specific skill set allows them to fulfill this role perfectly, handling even the most complicated situations with ease. This is especially important for preventing and managing violent crime situations. It’s also important to note that females are generally considered less aggressive than men. This only makes it easier for them to lower the risk of harm to anyone involved, ensuring the best possible outcome in any given situation.

Wrapping up

Having a male security guard definitely has its advantages. However, females are just as capable and adept at their role of a security officer, and often offer benefits that male guards simply don’t. Keep this in mind when deciding who to hire for your next event, and you’ll have no trouble ensuring everyone present stays safe and sound.


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