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Whether it’s comfort or luxury you’re looking for, Bank of America Stadium suites won’t let you down. Luxury suites are notorious for their ability to offer the best treatment to ticket holders. From grand furnishing to dedicated suite attendants waiting on you, these exclusive tickets are getting more and more popular. Fans who wish to experience the thrill and extravagance of a Bank of America Stadium VIP box should get them early. It doesn’t come as a surprise why they sell out faster than you think they would. Luxury and convenience go hand in hand with private suites. If you wish to experience the best of both, make your reservation today. 

How To Buy Bank of America Stadium Suites & Boxes

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If you want to enjoy a relaxing event where you can watch the event in a comfort zone away from the crowd, a Bank of America Stadium VIP box will be your best bet. Located away from the general crowd, a VIP box or suite acts as a home away from home, or even better, where you can pamper yourself with an extravagant lifestyle. In addition to the convenience and amenities that come with VIP suites and boxes, they are located at ideal locations to offer some of the best views in the venue for added convenience. You’ll be able to enjoy most of the amenities that these well-furnished and brightly-lit private seating areas have to offer. Whatever you do, don’t be late in making a reservation if you want to experience the fine side of these unparalleled amenities. 

With Bank of America Stadium suites, you’ll get to hang out with your friends in the most coveted areas in the venue without distractions from any side. Luxury suites come with loads of exciting perks and amenities that can’t be rivaled. If you’re up for a premium experience, don’t hesitate to grab the tickets to a Bank of America Stadium VIP box today. Given the indulgence that comes with luxury tickets, it isn’t a matter of surprise that these suites are always in high demand. They’re also highly exclusive and limited in nature, making them even more valuable and sought after. So if you’ve been planning a luxury suite experience, do yourself a favor and book a suite in advance so that your plans don’t backfire. 

A lot of enviable perks and benefits are available for guests with tickets to Bank of America Stadium VIP Club seats. You’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of private restrooms and exotic in-suite catering provided by Levy Restaurants, as well as an in-seat attendant to assist you at all times. Suite ticket holders will also have the privilege of VIP parking access, while a VIP event entrance can be accessed on the East, North, and South gates of the stadium. Guests also get a chance to enjoy VIP club access at the BoA when they buy suite tickets. The whole expansive and exclusive Silver Club Level is accessible to guests renting luxury suites. Enjoy the privileges of full-service bars and premium lounge areas. 

If you’re looking for the best Bank of America Stadium suites, make sure you check out the available options for upcoming events and get them before they sell out. If you have medium to large groups to accommodate, you’ll be delighted with what Executive Level Luxury Suites have to offer. Coming with 12 to 22 tickets and 3 to 5 VIP parking passes, Executive Level Luxury Suites feature well-packed perks and amenities. These spacious suites offer both indoor and outdoor seating options, in-suite catering, HDTVs, private restrooms, and wet bars. Other exclusive privileges include VIP club access, VIP parking, and VIP entrance. The capacity varies from suite to suite, with some offering to fit 14 to 28 guests. 

Another tempting Bank of America Stadium VIP box to consider is the Gallery Suite. These suites are inclusive of food and beverages and feature up to 3 VIP parking passes. The suites on this level come with 16 tickets, while the 400 level suites fit up to 14 to 20 people. Guests in these suites can enjoy various privileges like access to exclusive club areas, VIP parking access, and private entry. They’ll also have a good time indulging in amenities like HDTVs, exterior balcony seating, interior lounge seating, in-suite catering, a private restroom, and a wet bar. 

The classic American stadium has many notable features, such as the six light domes and the architecture itself, among others. The venue opened as Ericsson Stadium in 1996 at 800 South Mint Street in Charlotte. There are 151 Bank of America Stadium suites that offer fans an unrivaled experience. The current capacity of the stadium is 74867 people for football games. However, the capacity is subject to change based on the events taking place. 

The Bank is home to several sports teams, including two professional sports teams, which are the Charlotte FC of the MLS and the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. It is also home to the NCAA teams, the Duke’s Mayo Classic, and the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Over the years, the stadium has hosted many events, including concerts by artists like Tim McGrew, The Rolling Stones, Kenny Chesney, and Billy Joel, among others. Check out if there is any Bank of America Stadium VIP box available for upcoming concerts. The venue will be staging the performances of highly anticipated acts of famous singers and bands like Garth Brooks, Elton John, Motley Crue, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. Be sure to book Bank of America Stadium suites while they’re available. 

Bank of America Stadium VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Bank of America Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?  

If you want to know the approximate price of Bank of America Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites, it lies somewhere between $4999 to $39999. The exact price range will depend on factors like the type of event or the popularity of the event. Fans will also be able to secure single suite tickets at $130 to over $740 if they’re available.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Bank of America Stadium VIP Box Or Suite? 

Executive Level Luxury Suites include 12 to 22 tickets. However, the suite size can vary, which can lead to changes in the seating capacities of a Bank of America Stadium VIP Box Or Suite. The Gallery Suite comes with 16 tickets. Suites on the 400 Level come with 14 to 20 tickets. 

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