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So you’re all ready to cheer for your beloved Orioles this season? In that case, you need a suitable Baltimore Orioles parking to enhance your game day experience. The team is popularly known for having a wide fan base than any baseball team who packs the stadium every season. In such a case, getting your hands on the best Baltimore Orioles parking pass is far from easy. But it’s not impossible! All you have to do is book your parking pass online ahead of time for the game you wish to attend. So that on the game day, you won’t have to deal with parking issues or drive around the blocks searching for a space to park your car. Several genuine sites are available where you can book your parking at ease. You’ll also find different parking options, and the price would usually depend on the parking distance from the venue. There are varying price points for each game, and with a little bit of research, you can easily find good parking space at the stadium at a bargain.

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Why sit at home when you can be at the ballpark enjoying a great day out with your friends and family this summer! Several exciting matches are lined up, and sure you won’t want to miss the chance. Especially if you’re a baseball fan, you cannot let this opportunity slip by. So if you’re planning to have a good time at the ballpark, the first step is to get your hands on Baltimore Orioles parking tickets to easily park your car on the game day. Driving to the venue is easy, but without a parking pass, it can be troublesome, and looking for parking on game day will definitely stress you out. With that in mind, it’s highly recommended that you reserve your preferred Baltimore Orioles garage parking prior to the event for your own good. There are ample parking spaces and options, including Baltimore Orioles club parking, and finding one is easy. If you’re looking for affordable parking tickets, you should opt for online booking. You’ll find multiple options and great prices, and there are always exciting discounts making it easier to choose depending on your budget. Also, the earlier you purchase your Baltimore Orioles parking pass, the better it is for you as prices fluctuate when the event nears. 

Baltimore Orioles was founded in 1901 and are members of the AL East Division. The team plays its home games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, known for its retro design. They are named after Maryland’s official state bird, “Baltimore Oriole.” The Orioles are one of the eight original charter teams from the 1901 American League, and initially, they were based in Milwaukee, where they spent their first year as Milwaukee Brewers. In 1902, the team moved to St. Louis in Missouri, where they were named as the St. Louis Browns. After spending 52 years in St. Louis, they moved to Baltimore in 1953. 

The team had its most successful years from 1966 to 1983, appearing in World Series 6 times and winning three trophies in 1966, 1970, and 1983. It was their greatest successful period featuring several Baseball Hall of Fame recipients, including Eddie Murray, Earl Weaver, Cal Ripken Jr., and Jim Palmer, who all played a significant part in earning the team’s status. However, after their great success, from 1998 to 2011, the team suffered a losing streak of 14 years in a row.  The Orioles qualified for the postseason 3 times and a division advancing to the AL Championship Series in 2014. But the team ended the 2018 season with one of their worst losing records with 47-115. Over the years, the team has won 9 division championship titles, 3 wild card berths, 7 pennants, and 3 World Series titles. The team’s home Oriole Park is highly praised for its unique design and is one of the most beloved stadiums. Sure, you won’t want to miss the chance to be there during the team’s home games. Also, the Orioles are well known for their rivalry with their neighbor Washington Nationals. Often, the games between these two teams are very heated and is popularly known as the Beltway Series. If you anticipate seeing these exciting matches live, ensure that your game day tickets and a parking pass are also booked ahead of the event. 

As you must be aware, parking areas during game days are highly congested and can cause delays. But the advantage is that Baltimore Orioles parking lots are open hours prior to the event, and you can use the opportunity to arrive early. We suggest you reach the venue an hour or two before the game begins so that you can take your time in looking for your assigned parking as well as your allocated seats. In doing that, you can make it to the event on time and will spend your time enjoying the match rather than stressing over parking. Similar to game tickets, you are required to purchase a parking pass in advance unless you’re parking in public parking areas. Also, you will be directed to offsite parking without a parking pass, and it can be quite troublesome. Hence, your best bet in finding a good parking space is to get online at a great price. 

Baltimore Orioles VIP Parking 

Don’t want to wait in endless queues to reach your parking space? Get yourself a Baltimore Orioles VIP parking pass and enjoy seamless parking. What’s best? You can enter the venue from a dedicated VIP entry and park your car in the best parking space. Moreover, being a VIP has benefits, and at best, you may use a valet service too!

How Much Does Baltimore Orioles VIP Parking Cost?

The average price for Baltimore Orioles VIP parking is $45. However, prices can change daily depending on the playoffs, opponent, or day of the week, and the parking cost can go up to $49 or more depending on the event. 

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