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Are you attending any special events at AT&T Stadium this year? If so, you certainly require a suitable AT&T Stadium parking if you don’t want to spoil the excitement and fun. It’s well known that the traffic on the day of the event is unavoidable, but if you’re well prepared ahead of time with your AT&T Stadium parking pass, you won’t have to go through parking hassles and can park your car smoothly at you reserved parking lot. Saying this, if you’re looking for parking at AT&T Stadium for a concert or game, you can conveniently get yours through us. We have several parking options at varying price points for all events throughout the year, and you can purchase your preferred AT&T Stadium parking ticket at a great price.  

How To Buy AT&T Stadium Parking

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Though there’s ample AT&T Stadium parking space, it does not guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase a parking pass anytime, especially on the day of the concert or game, which can be problematic. So it’s recommended that you reserve your parking space ahead of the event, saving you both time and money. Moreover, if you want to park your car in a specific area for the event at AT&T Stadium, the best option is to find your preferred spot online and lock your parking space at the earliest. Of course, you may also purchase your AT&T Stadium parking pass at the venue, but the price will be higher compared to online. The benefit of buying online is that there are always exciting deals, and you sure can choose one at a great price. Whether you’re planning on going to the venue to watch a concert or a game, to avoid last-minute parking hassles, use some time to find a suitable space for AT&T Stadium parking for the event you wish to be at. 

AT&T Stadium, which opened in 2009, is located in Arlington, Texas, U.S, and was formerly known as Cowboys Stadium. The stadium is also commonly called Jerry World and is well known for hosting several notable events such as professional wrestling, concerts, Spartan Races, soccer, basketball games, and more. It’s home to NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and is also home to the Big 12 Championship Game and Cotton Bowl Classic. As the second newest stadium in NFL, it boasts the world’s largest high-definition video screen. It is also the largest NFL stadium that can accommodate 80,000 guests and further can be expanded to seat 100,000 guests for special events. As one of the most expensive stadiums with striking features, it attracts thousands of people during every event, driving the demand for AT&T Stadium parking tickets. When planning to head to the venue for special events, ensure to have your parking pass booked in advance to conveniently park your car and have a great time with friends and family without missing any second of the show.

The impressive $1.3 billion retractable roof stadium with nearly 12,000 parking spaces has several parking lots such as open-air parking, covered parking, garage parking, VIP parking, accessible parking, and more. But the stadium’s parking capacities are subject to change based on the type of event, and it’s a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you want a better parking space, you’ll have to arrive early and on time as parking lots cannot be reserved for guests arriving late. Generally, parking areas are open three to five hours before the event kicks off, so if it’s an event that you simply cannot afford to miss any second of it, the best option is to arrive early and park your car before the crowd throngs the AT&T Stadium parking lot. 

Since its opening, the stadium has hosted several events such as the 2009 World Football Challenge, 2010 NBA All-Star Game, Super Bowl XLV, 2018 NFL Draft, 2014 NCAA Men’s Final Four, 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup, and more, including concerts by prominent artists like George Strait, Paul McCartney, Eric Church, and The Rolling Stones. Regarding AT&T Stadium parking, prices are set differently for each lot, and covered parking is priced higher than general parking. But regardless, if you want to keep your car in the covered parking area, you can go for AT&T Stadium garage parking to keep your vehicle from exposure to weather and other elements. In addition, if you want to save time and park your car nearest to the stadium, you have AT&T Stadium club parking option that enables you seamlessly park your vehicle in a safe place.

However, parking rules and rates may change and vary for each event. If you’re attending any show or game anytime soon, you should pre-book your parking at AT&T Stadium before heading to a packed event, as the venue has back-to-back events lined up for the entire year and beyond. Hence, if you have saved your dates for concerts and games to any upcoming shows, it’s never too early to start booking your parking tickets. For concert lovers, several artists are lined-up to perform at the stadium, including artists like Garth Brooks during his “The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour” and The Weeknd during his “After Hours til Dawn Stadium Tour.” So if you’re a fan and are waiting to see your favorite idol live on stage, book your parking ahead of the show to enjoy every moment and sit for the concert from the start till the end. 

AT&T Stadium VIP Parking

If you’re looking for ways to park your car quickly on the day of the event, you should purchase an AT&T Stadium VIP parking pass to gain entry to the parking lot from a dedicated VIP entrance. That way you won’t have to deal with the crowded space and can save a lot of time too! 

How Much Does AT&T Stadium VIP Parking Cost?

AT&T Stadium VIP parking generally starts at $40 and can go up to $100 or more. But prices can change daily based on the type of event and may also vary depending on the day of the week too!

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