Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

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AI is the topic on everybody’s mouth lately, as it is added to more and more appliances and has many usages. There is a race between companies from the tech industry to come up with the best artificial intelligence technology. You can already find, in places like Inside Tech, a basic AI applied in some devices. The question is, is it the same thing as machine learning? And if not, then what are the differences?

Artificial intelligence is defined as a study of how to teach a computer to do things that humans do better at the moment. And of course, one thing that is missing in computers is intelligence and the ability to think. That is why most advanced tech companies try to find a way to make a machine as human as possible.

Machine learning, on the other hand, is a type of learning in which machines can learn by themselves, without being additionally programmed. It is defined as the acquisition of skill or knowledge. It is a concept based on learning from experience, and it is an application of AI, but not the same thing.

AI and machine learning and connected, and always will be, but they are also different. That is a reason for having two terms in the first place. The most significant difference between the two is their individual aim. Machine learning focuses on achieving accuracy, and it doesn’t care about success. It is here to learn from data and maximize performance. Artificial intelligence aims to increase the chance of success, not accuracy. AI’s goal is to stimulate intelligence that is natural and be able to solve complex problems. This is the reason why companies are encouraging their employees to take a machine learning and AI online course so they can learn both the fundamentals of machine learning and AI as well as its differences and how they can work together effectively. 

Artificial intelligence is something that is already happening. There is no doubt that people will develop some AI solutions in the coming years. The only question worth asking is, when?


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