Artificial Intelligence Apps That Will Make Life Easier

Artificial intelligence is one of the priority inventions that humanity is striving for. Many companies interested in development and prosperity pay attention to this topic.

For example, online casinos where you can place bets using prediction apps. For instance, it is now much easier to place a bet in Canada by checking all available bets and predictions in the application.

And programmers are not yet able to create a full-fledged digital life. Yet, in our arsenal, a serious number of programs partially behave like a human brain. Here are our top artificial intelligence apps that will change your life for the better!


This utility deals with the recognition, evaluation, as well as sorting of photos. Suitable for those who like to take about a hundred photos, but who do not know which pictures are better to choose. The program itself will select the necessary photos and send them to your friends.


This awesome and fun photo and video editing app for iOS and Android devices. It helps you turn a regular photo into something incredible. With it, users can change their appearance. They can select eye color, smile, freckles, or just create a unique look from scratch. The application is easy to use and consumer-friendly. It’s achieved thanks to the use of neural networks.


One of the interesting developments is the so-called J.A.E.S.A – a living creature that lives in your smartphone for a fee comparable to the cost of a cup of coffee. The developers of this app claim that they were able to create a digital woman who can think, listen and has the ability to self-learn.

Besides, the utility can turn on and off Bluetooth and keep track of the calendar. You can ask it to search for information on the Internet and translate from different languages. This utility is being developed by the Canadian company Ainova Robotics.


This artificial intelligence-enabled app lets you quickly learn to speak English. Currently, the application works only as a digital tutor. Yet, users can already learn fluent English using this application. The advantage of the application is the use of speech technology. It detects errors in the pronunciation of people.

Moreover, users can start listening to the excellent American literary pronunciation.

Almost 5 million people have already downloaded this app. Today, about 3.6 million people in 101 countries use this application. 


It’s an online service from Microsoft. The app recognizes objects in images uploaded by the user. Using neural networks it describes what is in the photo in simple human words. A feature of CaptionBot is the use of two artificial intelligence systems at once. These are Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. And this tandem really works!


A service that uses the full power of AI technologies to create music tracks of various genres. Users need to determine the initial parameters of the future composition (genre, tempo, mood, duration, the composition of instruments). Then click on the Create Track button and wait for the request to be processed. Music composed by artificial intelligence can be listened to in a browser. Also, you can  download it to a computer or send for revision by adjusting the characteristics of the track.

It is noteworthy that the works created by Jukedeck do not ask for royalties and can be used at your own discretion. For example, for sounding videos on YouTube, posting on social networks, replenishing the music library, or musical creativity.


A cloud-based system of “smart” analytics of corporate communications. It allows using artificial intelligence technologies to check the performance of company personnel. Yva connects to corporate mail and instant messengers. It also conducts regular employee surveys and analyzes the received data.

As a result, the system generates recommendations and warnings to each employee and manager. So, it lets you control their work, prevent burnout and dismissal of key employees and other possible risks. The system also allows early prevention of conflicts in the team and recognition of each employee’s competencies. These can be his strengths and weaknesses, leadership qualities, involvement in work, and other characteristics.

Yva’s strengths are domain independence. Also, it can automatically adapt to the communications environment of different organizations.


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