Applying SCADA in the Oil & Gas Industry

Applying SCADA in the Oil & Gas Industry

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a control system that functions in order to improve control processes within industrial settings. The systems of SCADA software aid industrial processes through improvements in industrial automation as well.

SCADA systems serve to gather real time data from remote sites or locations. With the collected data, SCADA applications maintain systems running at optimal efficiency.

SCADA applications in oil and gas industry

The technological advancements of SCADA systems allow operators to easily and efficiently monitor oil and gas levels, along with production. These systems are highly important in the oil and gas industry for keeping many production operations safe and structured.

Pipeline monitoring

SCADA pipeline monitoring systems and control equipment alert operators of any major issues that may occur. With detailed monitoring software, maintenance is a less costly process as well.

In order to monitor natural gas pipelines, SCADA systems use the processes of RTUs for measuring factors such as flow rates. In midstream applications of SCADA technology, properly monitoring flow rates is essential. This is especially important for preventing any major risks to safety from occurring.

Not only do these systems keep maintenance well managed, but extreme risks are also reduced. Detecting risks such as overpressure and leaks keeps production cost efficient and safe.

Industrial automation is one of the top aspects of SCADA for making projects more efficient. The data gathered by these systems throughout routine tasks is also more reliable because of their systematic functions. Operations are completed with minimal error, keeping productivity moving quickly and accurately.

Remote terminal units (RTU) and the use of SCADA technology help to improve communication between systems. The notifications regarding pressure changes, for example, prove to be highly important in preventing pumps from facing major risks of damage. With communication made more efficient, factors such as safety and quality of work are greatly improved.

Dangerous risk factors for field devices are decreased through alerts of errors or potential system or threats to operations. This is extremely beneficial for keeping projects cost efficient as well. The minimized risks of danger also provide operators with a safer work environment.

How Reign Can Help

Reign will aid in providing a customized dashboard with critical information. Among the many beneficial aspects of Reign is the option of remote monitoring and control of their sites. This feature is extremely important for creating ease and safety. The text-based instant access to their site provides improvements in efficiency, as well as overall quality of work and data.

With the assistance of Reign, efficient and safe monitoring and control processes are made possible. You can contact Reign by phone at 833-467-3446 or online by clicking here.


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