Affiliate Program Trends 5 Things to Know Right Now

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a popular promotion strategy used by many companies. Affiliate marketing is a popular promotion strategy that many companies use. Affiliate marketing spending in the US alone will reach $ 8.2 billion by 2022, according to data provided by Statista. And if you compare with the data 10 years ago, this is three times more. It can be extremely effective. However, this requires offering users something new and interesting. Therefore, we will tell you about the trends in affiliate marketing that will allow you to stand out from the competition in 2020.

TOP 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2022

Voice search

In 2020, experts predict an increase in the use of queries without screen interaction by up to  30%. The share of voice searches will increase. Given this circumstance, an affiliate marketing strategy should also include appropriate SEO optimization activities. It is worth adding longer and more specific queries.

Audio content

68% of Americans listen to audio content on the Internet. That’s 192 million people. Compared to 2009, the average listening time for online audio has more than doubled. A number of factors contribute to this trend. In particular, the emergence of many cool programs and high-quality smart speakers. Thanks to them, creating and delivering micro-audio content has become easier.

A feature of audio content is a lower level of user engagement compared to the video. Therefore, it is important to be able to attract attention. In the context of affiliate marketing, audio content can be implemented as podcasts. 55% of Americans listen to them. You can add a note to the podcast with an interactive affiliate link.

Video content

Video is an actively growing content format. As the availability of high-quality Internet increases, users turn to it more and more often. This is supported by research:

  1.   72% of users prefer to learn about new products/services through video.
  2.   In one study, 84% of people said they bought a product after watching a video.
  3. After watching the video,95% of users remember the call to action. For text format, the figure is 10%.
  4.   Experts predict an increase in the daily amount of viewed video content by 9 minutes. n 2020, people will consume 84 minutes of video daily.
  5.   In 2018 (compared to the previous year), users twice as often entered the query: “What product should I buy?” They searched for a video.

Therefore, adding this content format to your affiliate marketing strategy is extremely relevant. The business needs to find the right affiliates. Examples, are YouTube users, vloggers, TikTok influencers, Instagram Stories, SmartMoneyMatch investments, and/or Facebook Live influencers, Facebook group admins, and others. You can also post videos on your website and blog.

Possible roller types:

  1. Product Reviews.
  2. Instructional videos.
  3. Unpacking.
  4. Special / better product functions.
  5. Videos demonstrating the use of the product.

The creation of video content requires preliminary preparation. Provide your partner with product information. Especially if it is new or specific. It is also recommended that you provide product samples so that the partner can properly present it to the audience.

Also prepare:

  • Logo for use in the video;
  • Accurate prices and sales;
  • Promotional codes and/or referral links.

This format works no matter what your business is. It can be a product, service, or info-product. With it, you can easily convey the value of your purchase to consumers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you sell cosmetics or a course on how to start an online store, it will be relevant to you.

Convenient user interface

The ease of the checkout process is a strong deciding factor. Therefore, the user interface needs to be constantly improved. It is also important to remember CRM tools the trends. The active use of mobile devices determines the urgent need for appropriate adaptation of sites and applications. Particular attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Invariably stable operation of the site/application on all types of devices;
  • High responsiveness and speed of resource loading;
  • A simple customer journey from entering the site to placing an order;
  • Completion of the purchase cycle through the use of linked cards;
  • Continuously improving the mobile user experience all the way to complete one-handed checkout.

According to a study by an Australian company, 15% of marketers say more than half of their sales come from mobile channels. Experts predict the trend will build up in the future. In particular, due to the improvement of mobile devices, as well as the availability and quality of the Internet.

In affiliate marketing, it is extremely important to create a positive image. This is impossible to achieve if your content contains typos.

user interface

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an extremely voluminous and scalable thing. It covers various areas of human activity, which allows the application of technology in any area. Affiliate marketing is no exception.

The main advantage of using artificial intelligence is the ability to automate many tasks. Technology makes them faster and more efficient than humans. Artificial intelligence is capable of performing many actions instead of employees. Working time is saved. Businesses can devote it to more important like using inside sales software to accomplish different deals inside the office with increased functionality.

Also, artificial intelligence works great with data. First, he knows how to collect them on his own. Moreover, it is possible to obtain specific information automatically. By collecting data about user behavior, artificial intelligence is able to analyze it and provide clear recommendations.

Possibilities of use in affiliate marketing:

  1. Fast and high-quality analysis of advertising campaign data.
  2. Optimization of marketing solutions.
  3. Recommendations for creating and optimizing mobile advertising.
  4. Chatbots for operational communication with users.
  5. Optimization of conversion by analyzing traffic sources. Artificial intelligence collects data, evaluates it, and makes recommendations to exclude the least effective. The advertising budget is being optimized.
  6. Formation of personalized smart links for users.
  7. Prevention of fraud by analyzing the performance of the marketing campaign.
  8. SEO optimization.
  9. Content management.
  10. Marketing research (including A / B testing).


Affiliate marketing is an effective promotion solution. That is why it is in demand. Companies today need to figure out how to stand out from the competition. The above trends are what will grab attention in 2020. Therefore, by incorporating them into your own affiliate marketing strategy, you will definitely increase the effectiveness of your campaign.


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