Ace with your marketing campaign with URL tracking

Nowadays, in those digitalized times when everyone is able to start a business within seconds, running marketing campaigns for your enterprise is almost obligatory. Since the competition is fierce you need to use everything you can to be noticed in the online business world. And being noticed is not such a piece of cake.

Online entrepreneurs do all it takes to have their business up and running. They create a landing page in WordPress, send their subscribers newsletter with valuable information and write engaging and appealing social posts. They seem prepared to start their marketing campaigns.

However, even if a campaign turns out to be a bluster, entrepreneurs end up at a standstill after and don’t know where to go next – shall they start a new one? Or maybe change something in the one they have just completed? In what direction should they go? All of these questions can be answered on condition that they have tracked their marketing campaign results. And that can be done with UTM.

What is UTM anyway?

Have you ever heard of UTM? It sounds a little bit like a magical acronym which programmers use a lot but nobody really knows what they talk about. However, if you need to track precisely your marketing strategy you definitely should look into UTM and implement it. As UTM is a mighty tool that can provide you with very useful data for your marketing campaigns. But let’s start from clarifying…

UTM is an abbreviation for Urchin Traffic Modules (or Models) – now I bet everything is plain and simple, isn’t it? 😉 So just to make sure you got it right let me tell you that UTM is little pieces of text that can be added to URLs. They are extremely helpful both for Google Analytics or other analytical tools as they provide them with additional information about each link. Therefore, they are a source of feedback for you about your url traffic generally and caused by a marketing campaign or a single advertisement you created.

Why UTM is important

UTM have become famous only when the digital marketing world realised how helpful they can be for tracking the efficiency of marketing campaigns. Even if implementing them require some extra time spent with url builder and probably online manuals the advertisers are conscious it is worth a shot. And now adding them turns out to be indispensable element of every marketing campaign.

Checking which channel is most beneficial

First of all, with url tracking you are able to check where the traffic on your website comes from. If it is actually caused by your marketing campaign or maybe by a different channel. Instead of a collective report with the number of visits you can get a differentiation which can tell you which channel works best and if your campaign is effective at all.

You may find out that maybe for your business the Instagram ads work better than Facebook ones. Maybe the Google Adwords is the best solution for you. Maybe a recommendation from an influencer turns out to be the most effective way of attracting people to your business site. Or maybe your newsletter is so engaging and appealing that you inspire trust and loyalty with your subscribers.

The online business world is now full of possibilities and sometimes it is difficult to choose the best place to advertise your own business. With UTM you can finally find out on which one you should focus your efforts. The one that drives the most traffic to your business website is the one that you should invest your money and time in.

Adjusting marketing campaigns

Also, url tracking is a source of information which can be used to improve your marketing strategy. If you prepare a few advertisements in different styles you may analyse differences between them. Think of the styles applied, colours or words used. All of them really matter and even the choice between red and pink is very important as colors in advertising can make a significant difference.

If you analyse well all the differences spotted or added on the purpose you will be equipped with very valuable information which cannot be bought from any data provider as your insights will be coming directly from your target customers – the most important group for your business. With a sound analysis performed you will then be able to create a truly efficient marketing campaign and tailor it to the whims and expectations of your potential leads.


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