9 Things Artists Can Do To Promote Artwork

Promoting Artworks

As a talented artist, you have to create and promote your artwork at the same time. The promotion is not only for sales and revenues but reviews from the concerned audience.

Generally, artists love to stay behind the limelight, but you have to step up and present your art for your passion. There are numerous ways of promoting your artwork if you have the will to grow.

First, build your audience through meaningful connections, which can be both online and offline. Let’s go through all the steps one by one, which will gradually help you to promote your artwork.

1. Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is an edited collection of artists’ best work that is displayed offline and online. Nowadays, the internet is at your fingertips, so opting for an online portfolio is a good choice.

Portfolios are necessary as they give quick information to your peers and audience about you and your work. There are so many websites that make free and paid portfolios.


2. Official Website

The official website gives your art authenticity as you can choose your unique website name and logo. Furthermore, you can display all your quality wall arts on the website with the pricing and details about the purchase.

In addition, you can display the whole process of your art-making and tiny details. Making an official website is very easy with so many website builder options available online.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a very vast and engaging field for connecting with your audience. Make social media accounts according to your target audience, whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The essential aspects of social media handles are good pictures of your art. People will notice the thing which looks good, so photography of your art is crucial. Be very active on these handles, ask reviews through polls, and question answers.

Mention the links of all your official websites, blogs, and portfolio and offline stores on social media handles.


4. Blogging

Blogging is yet another online way of making a connection with the audience. Blog writing is not limited to promoting your art, but you can advise and guide the audience about the artwork.

You can add a photo of your artwork and explain all the technicalities related to it. In addition, you can blog about the history of your art and your journey. This personal yet professional touch of the blog will create more trust in your readers.

5. Guest Posts on Other Sites

Guest posts are articles on other blogs which have a slight reference to your work in the form of links. Guest posts increase traffic on your website and build your audience.

6. Your Art gallery

A dedicated artist would love to go out of the box and try something different. For example, you can turn a spare room in your house or rent a place for your art gallery. Mention the address of your art gallery in your business card and all on your online platforms.

Art gallery

7. Participate in art Competitions

An artist would love to spend time with peers and fellow artisans. Take part in art competitions; indeed, you will enjoy talking to some experienced people. Offline connections with other artists, judges, and audiences are essential to increase your knowledge.

Enrolling in art competitions will make you familiar with your peers and the judges, and if you win, your name will be mentioned in newspapers. Offline connections are always going to help you in organically promoting your artwork.

8. Attend Local Art fairs and Exhibitions

Connect to your local audience by participating in local art fairs and exhibitions. Be kind to the people and talk about your journey of following your passion and showcase some best works. Distribute flyers and personalized postcards with all the information about your offline and online ventures.

9. The Power of Teamwork

Teamwork goes a long way; if you have the option, don’t do it alone. Make the team for your online and offline promotion. You can adequately divide the tasks, and it will ensure engagement in all your handles and create a more extensive network.

To sum up

The thing about art is, you can’t say, here’s my art and buy it. So you have to build trust in your audience. Little praise and love boost the morale of artists who dedicate their souls to work.

By making little effort online and offline, you can healthily promote your artwork.

With so many options available, make a plan about what to consider, and your audience will gradually increase.


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