9 Most Effective Startup Marketing Tools 

Marketing Tools

Marketing is important to any business. Without marketing, your brand will remain hidden. A hidden business is an automatic loss. So, using the right marketing tools is very important for your business. 

Fortunately, we now have digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply advertising on digital platforms, and with its help, we can reach a wider audience than was ever thought possible at the speed of thought. It includes using mediums like search engines and social media. Of course, you can also use email and websites. 

This article explains the best tools you can use to market your brand. 

Types of Marketing Tools 

Despite the developments and influx of tools in digital marketing, brand development does not come easy. It requires the right strategies and tools to achieve your goals within the set timeframe. It most definitely does not come as a breeze for startups.  

A proficient startup marketing agency can build the marketing foundations of your business for you. They can develop and work on your brand using their expertise and readily-available marketing tools.  

After letting them establish the groundwork, you can continue and improve their efforts using these marketing tools below.

Before that, you can also opt for marketing dashboards that can help the management & sales team to properly understand, as well as monitor key marketing metrics like website bounce rate, traffic, leads, conversion rate, session duration and many more. And, an agency like “Marketing Reports” can easily help you get a virtual dashboard for your marketing team or department.  

Planning Tools 

Planning is vital to success. If there is no proper planning, your business may fail. Planning tools help you set goals and objectives. These are important to any startup brand. 

Planning Tools

There are several marketing tools available that are specifically made for effective and efficient planning. . 

1. Trello 

This is a planning marketing tool. It helps companies organize their projects. You can put bits of the projects into different boards. 

Start-up marketing firms use Trello to plan. For example, they can plan how to use marketing strategies. They can also use it to allocate duties to the team. 

2. Asana 

This is another planning tool. This tool helps you organize your projects. It also helps you keep track and reminds you of deadlines. 

On Asana, users can see their progress and plan. You can also use it with other tools, and achieve your goals. 

Social Media Tools 

Social media presence is an important aspect of your business. Social media advertising gives you the chance to reach more people. It helps you remain consistent with existing customers. It also helps you to meet new customers.  

Marketing companies for startups can use this tool in several ways. It can reach a particular age group or working class, etc. This depends on the type of content the brand is marketing. 

Using social media tools is easy. It involves posting different types of content on the platforms. This content could be pictures, skits, articles, etc. 

Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are examples of social media tools. However, there are specialized social media advertising tools too. 

Below is a tool used for social media marketing. 

3. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite social media scheduler tool. Startups can easily put together social media posts to get good results. 

This marketing tool allows users to link all of their social media accounts. This way, they can operate in a single space. In addition, users can connect to over 20 social media applications. 

4. Social Champ

Social Champ is an efficient social media management tool. B2B marketers, startups, agencies, influencers, and entrepreneurs can integrate this tool to manage post-scheduling and analytics across all social media platforms and create a credible social media presence. 

With this tool, a single dashboard becomes responsible for keeping you consistent on all your social media accounts. You can interact with the audience with a single inbox, managing messages across all platforms. Content analytics is also monitored with recommendations to improve. 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, & Google My Business are its supported networks.

Content Marketing Tools 

Content is what attracts customers. Therefore, it is important to put out the right content. These tools help you create content that will work best for your brand. The content should reflect your brand and appeal to your audience. 

These tools are used for content planning and content creation. Below are some of the best tools for startup marketing. 

5. Hubspot 

This is a content creation tool. It allows you to create and run marketing campaigns for your brand. It is an easy tool to use and is user-friendly. 

This tool is not only for content creation. It is also perfect for tracking performance. You can also manage a customer relationship with this tool. 

Search Engine Optimization Tools 

SEOs help you beat the competition from other companies. This is by improving your media presence. SEO tools help you use keywords that will lead customers to your site. 

Below are some of the best tools for SEO Optimization and iteration. 

6. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is the perfect tool for brainstorming keyword ideas. The tool’s site lets you find top organic keywords. It also estimates how much traffic a competitor receives for each search term. 

You can also identify top-performing content and sources of backlinks. This will increase the number of people who visit your business site. 

7. Google Analytics 

This platform provides several marketing tools. Startups can use more than one Google tool at once. They can use SEO, B2B, etc. The best part is startups can track their marketing progress. They can figure out where most of their engagements come from. With this analysis, they can make improvements. 

8. Hotjar 

Hotjar is another marketing tool for startups. It is similar to Analytics. Users can track their product behavior with this tool. They can also see how customers interact with their content online. Companies can use this survey to improve their marketing strategies. 

Email Marketing Tools 

Email marketing tools allow you to reach customers via email. Some people prefer to be contacted through mail. You can send content about your business to them. If they are interested, contacting you will be easy for them. 

When using this tool, avoid spamming your customers. This may become offensive to them. Instead, it is advisable to hire a startup marketing agency to do the job. 

The following tools are the best for email advertising. 

9. MailChimp 

MailChimp is an email marketing tool. It helps marketing companies to start and use email marketing. It helps them organize email campaigns. They can also create email templates and designs for brands. 

MailChimp also allows you to create landing pages for your brand. This will give your customers a better user experience. 

10. Moosend 

Moosend is a user-friendly and affordable email marketing tool. It is great for marketing campaigns. Users can also create landing pages for their brands. 

Companies can use this tool to send information to their customers. For example, they can send product news and offers via email newsletters. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing Tools 

More profit: these marketing tools help you reach more people. The more visible your brand, the higher the patronage. 


  • It is cheaper and easier. Working digitally helps you to spend less. It is easier than walking around the place to advertise. 
  • They are efficient. They let you reach different kinds of people within a short time. You can always use a tool that works best for your brand. 
  • These tools make progress tracking easy. You can see which strategy works best for you. You can use these tools to ensure your brand is doing well online. 
  • Marketing Tools keep startups safe. Starting a business can be tricky. Start-up marketing firms use these tools to ensure that your new brand thrives. With the right marketing approach, your brand will experience a great boost. 


Digital marketing is a great way to make your business better. It is important to understand these tools as you set goals for your brand. These goals will help you use the tools better. 

The marketing tools can be used for planning strategies. Others for content creation. Few of them can provide all services. Do well to check them out before you make a choice. 


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