8 Incredible Ways AI and Automation are Revolutionising the Education Landscape

AI in Education

By Arnav Kakkad

Gone are the times when students’ phones and electronic devices were confiscated in the schools! With classrooms becoming digital, electronic devices have now become a necessity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated technology have changed the educational landscape.

Higher educational institutes are adopting a college management system to streamline their processes and daily operations. It has digitalised teaching, learning, and administrative tasks which is benefiting both teachers and students.

Using Artificial Intelligence in Education and Learning

AI is revolutionising the education space by augmenting the teaching and learning experience. Here are 8 ways AI is being implemented in higher educational institutes.

1. Automated Administrative Processes

AI helps in automating the administrative tasks that are otherwise manually done by the staff. Right from assessing the assignments, grading exam papers, and managing other daily tasks.

These are undoubtedly important activities; however, they take away from teacher’s precious time that they could otherwise spend on teaching and mentoring. AI automates such tasks so that teachers and staff members can channelize their energies on other important things.

2. Secure Online Exams

Universities across the world are using AI-powered assessment tools which allow them to conduct online exams. The tools’ settings give universities more control and help them prevent cheating.

The universities can create multiple groups of students and randomly assign different questions to each group. They can also conduct AI proctored tests and digitally monitor the students during exams.

This reduces cheating drastically which means the students will get authentic results. This will go a long way in boosting the credibility of the university.

3. Smart Content-Based Lectures

Every student has different levels of understanding and capabilities. While attending the same class and teaching styles, there’s a good chance that not all students would be on the same page. Some may feel left behind while others may feel that they are not challenged enough.

With AI, smart content can be made to cater to the needs of each student. Engaging digital content in text, audio, and video formats can be made. The digital learning interfaces can be customised for each student.

This type of personalised learning would result in a better learning experience.

4. Virtual Learning Environment

AI has the power to create a virtual learning environment where students can learn in numerous ways. Students can get help for their assignments, projects, and classroom work.

They will be able to ask their doubts and queries on the system and get personalised responses from the AI. They can receive helpful learning materials and online courses.

Students won’t have to wait for hours to ask their doubts to their teachers in person or wait for their responses online.

5. Learning Management Systems

A learning management system helps the teachers with documentation, administration work, and keeping track of students’ progress. On the other hand, students can submit assignments, use it as a portal for discussions, and keep track of various announcements.

An LMS can generate charts and visual diagrams to map results, performance, and different tasks. Students can get access to information anytime, anywhere due to the information being centralised. By uploading online classes on LMS, students can study at their own pace, thus making studying more enjoyable.

In short, AI-powered LMS is beneficial for teachers and students alike.

6. Automated Grading Systems

Grading assignments and exam papers can be a tedious task for teachers. If the time spent on this activity can be automated, teachers could use that time on interacting with students. Luckily, a campus management system can assist with this.

While AI cannot replace human grading completely, it can accurately assess tests with subjective questions such as multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks.

Teachers, while grading the objective and essay answers, can use AI to check spellings, grammar, and structure. They just need to focus on checking the knowledge of the students and provide individual feedback.

7. Data Analysis

Personalised learning will become a norm in the near future and AI will have a significant role in that. Using AI and data analytics, teachers can gain valuable insights that can help them understand their students’ individual performance and needs.

Using this, they can design a personalised learning plan for each student, thus helping them learn better.

8. Round the Clock Assistance

It isn’t uncommon for students to have various doubts while doing homework or assignment. Traditionally, they would have had to wait until they are in class or whenever their teacher is available to resolve their doubts.

AI can change that. AI-powered chatbots created for the education field can eliminate this issue. They provide 24*7 assistance and students can consult them at any time of day or night. They can get immediate answers without having to wait for the next class.

Charging Education Sector with AI Power

The benefits of artificial intelligence in education are aplenty. There is a still lot to explore but the potential AI offers in education is massive. AI enables adaptive learning that will gain each student. If integrated well, AI and automation can complement and support the teachers and enrich the students’ learning experience.

About the Author

Arnav Kakkad

Arnav Kakkad is a tech enthusiast and a content writer who passionately follows the latest technology in higher education in India and beyond. He works with CollPoll, an AI-powered online platform for digital learning and campus automation, where he develops content on technology, startups and education. With a knack for understanding audiences and simplicity in presenting ideas, his content connects with people. In his free time, he enjoys reading and discovering new authors. He also goes hiking when he can, to feed his free spirit.


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