7 Simple Yet Effective Advertising Tips For Creating Exceptional Ads

Creating Exceptional Ads

Did you know that more than 5.3 million people live in Sydney? Imagine being able to advertise your product or services to all these Sydneysiders. That would be massive.

The success of a great advertising campaign depends on a lot of factors. To help you plan a successful advertising campaign, here are some simple yet effective advertising tips. If you are planning to create a video advertising campaign, you can check this easy to use video commercial maker.

If you plan to promote your business with flyer distribution Sydney, keep these in mind.

1. Study your target audience and address their needs and problems

Before you go on and start spending money on advertising campaigns, it’s important to understand your target audience, the people who will buy your product or use your service.

Use different means of getting customer insights such as customer surveys, Google Analytics to study customer behaviour and know their problems and needs. Once you understand the problems and behaviour of your customers, you can promote your product or service accordingly.

2. Promote the solutions to the problems

Understanding the customer pain points (problems) and creating the solutions to solve those problems directly is the secret behind a successful product. When your product solves customer problems, they are more than willing to pay you for it.

Once you know what the problems of your target audience are, you can find the best solutions for them. These solutions solve the customers’ problems and create a soft corner for your brand in their hearts.

There can be multiple reasonable solutions to one problem. So if you find the best solution for the customer’s problem, you have a winning product on your hands.

3. Tell people what makes you different from your competitors

Your business may not be the only business with the right solution. There can be other businesses that come up with the exact solutions for the customer problems.

In such cases, you need to tell your target audience how different or better you are from your competitors. You can leverage the other best features of your brand, such as better quality, faster delivery, customer support, better refund or replace policy, etc.

Avoid demeaning the competitor brands to show that your brand is better. If you don’t have any features that distinguish you from other competitors, you can revise your prices to get more customers. But try to keep that as a last resort.

To avoid legal problems, it would be best to refrain from directly mentioning your competitor brands in your advertising campaigns.

4. Write effective copies

No matter how amazing a product you have, it’s important to advertise it to your customers in an appealing way. That’s why it’s important to write compelling ad copies for successful advertising campaigns.

Creative copywriters help your brand by writing creative and attractive copies that showcase the best part of your business to your customers.

5. Invest in good designers

A good design is an essential part of a successful advertising campaign. It’s vital to creatively design your marketing collateral such as posters, flyers, leaflets, digital banner ads, social media posts for better results.

Design helps in advertising and incorporates design principles in every step of product development that can improve your product or service by multifold. A good design showcases your brand the way you want it to.

6. Talk about the benefits of the product/service.

Your customers want to know how your brand can help them solve their problems and fulfil their needs. They may not be interested to know about how great your company is.

That’s why it’s always good to talk about the things that your customers will find helpful. Try to focus on the benefits of your products or services instead of talking about technical stuff.

Help customers understand how your product will help them solve their problems and why they need those problems solved.

7. Know different advertising options

Advertising has been around for a great while. It has helped numerous businesses to find new customers and improve sales and profits. Along with the traditional way of advertising, technological advancement has brought various digital advertising options for businesses too.

Businesses can use conventional advertising ways like banners, posters, pamphlets and flyers, along with different digital advertising options like PPC ads, banner ads, video ads and many more. It also makes sense to use rich media ads to provide a more interactive experience. It’s said that rich media ads deliver 267% better CTR than banners. Any more benefits? Rich media advertising is eye-catching and creative enough to attract consumers and keep them engaged. Thus, they are more likely to recall your brand,interact with the ad, and eventually convert. 

Today’s businesses can leverage the powers of both traditional and digital advertising methods. If you are considering promoting your brand or product via flyer distribution in Sydney, you can hire the best offline marketing agency for the best results.

Make sure you create an impeccable service or product that will speak for itself, so that your advertising campaigns will be more straightforward.


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