7 Reasons Why Wicker Furniture Must Be A Part Of Your Backyard


Every backyard deserves perfect seating, ambience and aesthetic! Wicker furniture has been a preferred outdoor seating option for decades among homeowners, and with good reason. It meets several parameters of design, durability, versatility and cost among others. If you’re looking for a suitable outdoor seating option in your patio or backyard, here are seven reasons why you ought to consider wicker furniture. 

Weather-Resistant Furniture 

Having weather-resistant features is the foremost requirement for backyard furniture. You don’t want to invest in furniture that loses its sheen, shape or aesthetic prematurely due to humidity or sunshine. Resin wicker furniture has great weather-resistant properties that hold its own no matter how inclement the weather is. Come rain, storm or sun, resin wicker furniture does not dull out or rot. Ensure you choose a design that is made of high-grade PE resin wicker that has superior UV protection capabilities. Not only must you choose weather-resistant wicker furniture, but also ensure that the cushions you use in your outdoor space are also weather-proof. For a complete seating, table and cushions solution, look up wicker furniture direct. Their designs and unparalleled quality make for perfect outdoor seating options.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Wicker furniture is pleasing to the eye and ideal for outdoor living. It gives a casual oriental vibe that takes you to a beach resort in the tropics. The aesthetics of the weaving patterns of wicker modular furniture is modern, elegant and simple all at once. Narrow-weave hand-woven rattan in a natural brown colour goes best with a garden, a fence and typical backyard aesthetics. What’s more, with synthetic rattan you also have plenty of colour choices to give your outdoor space a splash of colour. Throw in some bright patio cushions and you have a picturesque outdoor space you can call your own! Wicker furniture is one of the sure-shot ways of creating an inviting backyard in your home with a casual and warm vibe.

Easy Maintenence 

Wicker furniture is so easy to maintain, it is almost too good to be true! It can be easily washed now and then using nothing more than a garden hose. If you want to save wet cleaning for a monthly exercise, wicker furniture can also be easily wiped down using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Your wicker furniture can also be vacuumed ever so often to get rid of the dust on the cushions. There are several ways to clean and maintain wicker patio furniture. It is versatile even in maintenance! So, if you have a bunch of children or pets constantly playing in and around your backyard, wicker furniture is the safest option in terms of maintenance!

Durable & Sturdy Seating 

Investing in furniture is not something homeowners do now and then. Once they buy furniture, they expect it last through years and usage. That is exactly where wicker furniture comes in. Wicker furniture is usually supported by a tough rust-proof aluminium frame that lends to its durability. This aluminium frame enables the seating to take on a heavy and consistent load and stand the test of time. This makes it ideal for backyard seating where entire families can cuddle in together for some weekend outdoor time. 

Blends Into Any Decor Theme

Wicker furniture is versatile in the sense of blending into any décor theme. Looking to set up a European-style backyard? Wicker furniture is your go-to seating! A tropical vibe backyard caught your fancy? Wicker furniture will blend right in! Looking to create a leisure sitting spot? Wicker furniture fits the bill! Trust wicker furniture to match any aesthetic you wish to create in your backyard. Its effortless design and neutral colours complement most design themes, making it a favourite option among homeowners and interior decorators alike!

Cost-Effective Seating 

Wicker furniture may be heavy on build and aesthetic, but it is certainly light on your pocket! Despite its longevity and sturdy aluminium build, wicker furniture fits most budgets. It makes for the perfect seating investment for the price-sensitive homeowner looking to decorate their backyard on a budget! After all, it is not every day that one sets out to buy furniture pieces. In that sense, wicker furniture is an investment worth your money!

Unparalleled Comfort

Good-quality wicker furniture offers superior comfort and ergonomic support. Manufactured with the perfect back incline, wicker furniture is ideal for leisure outdoor seating. Its sturdy build allows you to put your feet up and curl into your favourite position. Synthetic wicker is shapely and unrelenting even after years of use, ensuring your furniture doesn’t show awkward bends or dents even after considerable usage. What’s more, wicker furniture doesn’t scratch or break easily, so all that pet exposure will have nothing on your elegant outdoor wicker furniture!

Wrap Up

Furnishing an outdoor area involves considering several factors such as weather, comfort, ease of maintenance and cost. Wicker furniture fits the bill in more ways than one. Opt for wicker furniture in your backyard to create an outdoor space that is sure to be your neighbourhood’s envy!


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