How to Create an Inviting Backyard in Your Home


Having a spacious backyard where you can lounge during warm months is a privilege. As such, you should do your best to make the most of your outdoor space and create an inviting ambience for all of your squad to spend all the time they want in your lovely outdoor area. If you haven’t been taking care of your garden in a while, it could be challenging to figure out what bases you need to cover to create inviting surroundings for everyone. No worries, we’ve got you covered with our handy exterior décor tips.

Choose the right plants and décor

Having an array of plants around your backyard will make the garden look more alive. That is especially true if you go for colourful plants such as yellow evening primrose or angel’s trumpet. Hellebore and heliotrope will also add colour and scent, spreading intoxicating smells during the evening. Consider plumeria and vax flowers to add more aroma to your evening gatherings. Living in Sydney gives you the chance to enjoy evenings during warm months. On top of that, you can lounge outside when the weather is slightly cooler, thanks to the unique climate. Therefore, plant as many types of flowers in order to have your backyard visually pleasing.

Clear out the mess

Getting rid of all the clutter is imperative to having a welcoming outdoor area. So, make sure you start getting rid of all the garden tools and various items that kept piling up outside. How does your gutter look? Do your outside walls need repainting or de-weeding from overgrowing shrubs? If so, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and start doing the dirty work. Climbing up the house can be dangerous if you’re inexperienced. Therefore, be sure to hire rope access specialists in Sydney so they can help you do all the work around the house that requires hanging from high altitudes.

Have comfortable patio furniture

Once all the mess is out of the way and you have your plants up to keep you cheerful, it’s time to look for the furniture that will offer the ultimate comfort and withstand the elements. Investing in patio furniture that will last for years is worth a splurge. Do you want to create the utmost lounging vibe in your backyard? Purchase an entire seating set. Do you like lounge chairs or you maybe prefer loungers? Even if you’re more of a chaise lounge person, all of those furniture pieces will offer the relaxing vibe you’re looking for. Stretch, unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee or cocoa as you Zen out in your comfy furniture.

Add a fountain or a pond

Would you like to add a wow factor that will leave everyone in awe? Water elements are the way to do it. Consider setting up a fountain that can be a focal point and create a relaxing ambience altogether. The calming sounds of streaming water are all you need as you sit back and relax after a long day at work. A pond is another option if a fountain isn’t your cup of tea. If you have space galore, then a massive pond with a waterfall adjacent to your swimming pool is all you need to wow everyone.

Make sure there’s enough shade

Protecting yourself from the sun is essential when you want to spend time outdoors during scorching summer weather. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in durable parasols that will create enough shade for all the people hanging out outdoors. Alternatively, you can think of options, such as pergolas or gazebos, that you can build in your backyard. Also, you can buy temporary Gazebos online according to size and fit into your backyard. The big benefit of this Gazebos is that you can remove and install any time according to your need. 

Ambient lighting for evening vibes

The evening can be even more popular than afternoons when it comes to lounging in your backyard. However, you’ll need sufficient lighting to create an enjoyable ambience. Installing lighting fixtures such as string lights will set the mood while adding a decorative element too. Have you ever thought about having a firepit? Aside from lighting the yard up, it will also offer warmth in the chilly autumn evenings. You don’t have to build one, but consider purchasing a portable fire pit so you can have a seating area wherever you want. I there a mosquito invasion in your home? Light up citronella candles and place them all over the seating area to repel the insects and create a romantic feel.

Final thoughts

A backyard can be a wonderful oasis of peace and relaxation if you only make sure it’s clean, decluttered and nicely decorated. With our few tips, you’ll know exactly where to start and how to set up the most enjoyable and beautiful ambience in the neighbourhood. Add plants, hang lights, include water features, and don’t forget to create enough shade. With comfortable furniture, you’ll have a cosy outdoor area that everyone will love to lounge in. Creating an inviting backyard in your home is easy with the right outdoor grill station designs from RTA Outdoor Living. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or just enjoying a quiet evening outside, their customizable designs can help you create the perfect outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining.


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