7 Problems That Start-Up Businesses Need To Guard Against In Their Initial Years

Start-Up Businesse

Start-up businesses may have the potential to become something greater. It may take years to get there, but getting in motion is better than none at all. However, there may be problems that can arise in the first few years. 

This guide is for those who are start-up founders looking to prevent issues that can occur. Don’t let your dreams of being a business owner die before they even take off. This guide will be effective in not only helping you, but also your employees (present and future). 

Let’s get started and take a look at the following.

Partying too much 

There’s no harm in having a good time. However, too much of a good time can be bad. You may have employees arriving hungover and not being able to work.

Some of them may even develop serious addictions to alcohol or drugs. If you or your employees need help in dealing with this, a drug and alcohol detox center suggests that you should consider getting help as soon as possible. A drug or alcohol addiction can be fatal and it can hurt your startup. An alcohol inpatient treatment may be the best option to overcome alcohol addiction and have better chances of recovery.

It may be a good idea to consider holding a seminar on a select day to discuss the dangers of substance abuse and how it may harm the work culture. This will make people aware of this so they will be able to have a good time, but know their limits as they go. 

You want your employees to be attentive, productive, and ready to meet your business goals. Not feeling like themselves will generate negative consequences for your startup.  

Not focusing on mental health 

Mental health issues have become more of a focus in recent years. We remind ourselves that sometimes, it’s OK not to be OK. It’s important that you focus on not only your own mental health, but also others as well. 

Make sure that your employees have a work/life balance that is favorable. Too much working can lead to burnout and it can lead to mental disorders down the road. Not only that, they may suffer from depression and other conditions. 

This can lead to low productivity among other issues. They won’t feel like doing the work or even showing up at all. Remind them that mental health is important and resources are available when they need it. 

Like addiction, have a seminar about mental health with your employees. Talk about the issues that may affect the workplace. Meanwhile, you should also network with local mental health professionals so they can be your go-to people in case you or someone needs help. 

Make sure that your employees are physically, mentally, and emotionally present. Also, if someone is not feeling their best, be sure to lend them a listening ear. Remind them that the talk is confidential.

Poor financial management 

Finances are the lifeblood of any start-up. If they are not handled properly, it won’t last. This includes not managing your finances properly. 

You want to focus on what you can afford in terms of equipment. You may also be paying back a loan. Those funds should go towards the operating expenses, paying your employees, and more. 

You’ll want to manage your finances from the start. When your business grows, you can hire someone to do it for you. You don’t want to spend recklessly on things you don’t need. 

You may want to hold off on spending on the high-end services until you are more established. There will come a time for that. Yet, every start-up has to start from zero and work their way up. 

Even if that means investing in the best equipment they can afford. It may not be the best in terms of functionality, but it’s better than nothing.

Time management issues 

Financial management is critical. So it is time management. You want to make sure people are focused more on the tasks at hand rather than the time-wasting activities such as surfing the web or anything related. 

This is where planning and prioritizing come into play. If you have priority tasks to finish up, focus on them. If there are tasks that you need done but can’t do them, delegate them.

Other tasks that are important but not urgent can be scheduled for later times. While your non important and non urgent tasks are put on the back burner. This is based on the Eisenhower Matrix. 

Make plans to manage your time. If you plan on doing an activity for a certain period of time, do it for the time allotted. Don’t go any longer.

Not finding the right people 

Not finding the right people is a problem for start-ups. Either they don’t have the right qualifications. Or they possess the right attitude in order to be a good fit for the work culture.  

You’ll want to consider what hiring process you need to use to find the right people. Post job openings online and have people apply by sending you a resume and cover letter. Or have an application ready on your website. 

What skills are you looking for? Who is the right fit for your startup? You will find out the answers and more in the interview process.

Lack of plans 

What are the goals of your start-up? What are you providing to your target customers or clients? If there are no plans or goals, what’s the point in even operating? 

Make sure your startup has plans for the future. This can include what to offer for clients or customers. It also includes long-term growth.

Poor leadership

Poor leadership can be the falling domino that will lead to disaster. You will need to have the right leadership skills in order to keep the business afloat. This includes hiring the right people, solving problems, and getting the employees involved when decisions need to be made. 

There’s a lot of things that a business leader must do in order for a start-up to be successful.


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