7 Amazing Email Marketing Tips & Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses


An online business demands personal touch that you must provide to each customer without individually engaging with them. Thus, it is impossible to boost engagement without a meaningful, well-thought email marketing strategy. 

Hiring the best email marketing company can be the easiest way to provide that personalized feel to your customer base. So if you are ready to create a loyal customer raving fan base for your brand, who you can sell and upsell to, then stay tuned till the end!

7 Secret Email Marketing Tips for E-Com Biz Owners

The worst any online business owner can do is not leverage the power of email marketing. However, this tool is not obsolete and is here to stay and generate high conversion rates if used right. 

Many clever solutions exist that make it simple to design and send emails while sparing much of your time and energy. However, the most vital touch is adding honesty and clarity to the emails to connect more with your target audience and express your brand values seamlessly.

The key to retention is deriving your audiences’ confidence. Creativity and free value bombs are the two essentials to keep your audience base hooked and subscribed!

Have you already tried all of these, and it has not given your eCommerce business a good ROI? Then, perhaps you missed out on the extras. Here are the 7 secret actionable strategies for a booming conversion: 

Sell Emotions

Your email list isn’t keen to buy your product or service; instead, they want to know the heart of what you are offering. Unfortunately, people make purchases based on emotion first, then rationalize them logically.

What is more appealing to you if you are a mommy with a big, beautiful family? 

  1. An 80 cm oven
  2. A big oven to bake lots of delicious cakes and cookies for your kids. 

The second one, right? People tend to choose the one that entices an emotional response and then moves on to the technicalities. So, conversion happens mostly at that first step.

Intriguing Subject Line

Break the ice with an irresistible subject line. That is what your customers read on their notification tray. If that sentence can make them click and open your email letter, your job is half done. However, avoid being flashy or deceptive. 

The title tag will pique the readers’ interest and encourage them to open the email. Once they’re in, you have the chance to wow them with your fluency and pitch your service/ product.

By incorporating figures, emojis, key points, or attention-grabbing phrases, you may make the subject line more potent. Remember to cater to your target customers’ emotional needs. Write a brief, crispy tag, and see the traffic growth!

Easily Actionable CTA (Call to Action) Button

An easily actionable call to action helps in generating leads. The purpose isn’t to sell the goods outright. Attempt to fit a product’s best advantage within the button. It will not fit and will be hideous. To get the desired number of clicks, you should employ verbs and action words. Here are a few samples:

  • Download the Value-bomb!
  • See You Inside the Club
  • Grab the Catalogue Now!
  • Say “Yes” To Being Your Boss
  • Book your Seat
  • Join Now for a Free Coupon
  • Sing Up to Success

Straight to the Point

If your reader does not get these two fundamental questions answered in the first 30 seconds, you are likely to end up in spam or trash:

  1. Who has sent me this?
  2. What does the sender want from me?

In today’s fast-moving world, no reader will spare more than a few seconds unless they are hooked to the letter. So be very precise, and get straight to the point. However, this should not eliminate the personal and emotional touch from your email.

Each email should contain only one objective and no more than one objective. This factor helps you focus on your subject and improves its impact. Finally, create a plan for nurturing your subscribers until they purchase.

Write the Mail Addressing One Subscriber

Making the readers feel that the email has been written personally generates more trust and brand loyalty. Expert marketers believe that speaking directly to subscribers is the best-abandoned cart email strategy

Make your reader feel unique, meaningful, and valued.

Consider Mobile Layout

How do you read promotional emails? 

Probably you don’t even read half of it. But, on the other hand, we most likely scroll and scan and pay attention to anything that catches our eyes. Hence, the design, font, and layout play a considerable role.

Make your Subscribers the Firsts to Learn

“Be the first to know…” always does wonders!

Your subscribers rightfully deserve to be educated about changes, offers, and new launches before others so that they can grab the first-mover advantage. In addition, this progress helps in boosting brand loyalty and acts as a moral motivation.

Final Words

The emails set the tone for your brand. So make the best use of this affordable tool, and don’t forget to share your next best successful email marketing story with us!


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