6 reasons why you should personalize your marketing

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By Eliza Sadler

Prospective customers or customers will be delighted with your brand if you can predict what they want. For instance, imagine a situation whereby a previous visitor to your eCommerce website looking for a particular thing gets a recommendation for that thing the next time they visit your website. That would be impressive, and it shows that your business pays attention to the needs of its customers. Flowing from that, your business would in no time start recording a massive improvement in your bottom line as tour conversion rate would begin to improve significantly.

What we have described above is roughly what personalized marketing is. In detail, personalized marketing involves acquiring data and prompt analysis of such data to provide individualized content to a person. It consists of using customer data to deliver a unique message to the customer and their interests. Such personalization can come in various forms. For instance, It can be in the form of specified ads to suit customer taste. It could also be the providing discounts on items in the customer wishlist. In addition, it could be providing coupons for carted items. The potential of personalization is enormous. You only have to be creative with it.

The mission of personalized content marketing is to communicate with your customers or prospective customers as people. Personalization helps bridge the gap between the cold internet space and customer skepticism. It adds humanity to transacting over the internet. On the surface, it looks impossible, and you would like to avoid it. However, with the help of the expert marketers at do my assignment, we have provided 6 reasons why you should personalize your marketing.

Breaking Down the Impossibility

We’ve had a chat with the experts to break down this ‘impossible’ task of personalization. As mentioned above, personalization improves your conversation rates as you would present to customers or prospective customers their interests. However, according to reputable market researchers, several businesses are missing out on the benefits. Those that personalize mostly spam, and there is a difference between personalization and spamming.

To personalize your marketing, what you need to do is to map out your customer journey. The good thing is that mapping out this journey isn’t as tricky as using software to help you track the customer journey. The software would record the customer’s places (customer touchpoints) and the possible places they would be. Then the software will help you link the customer journey. Also, this software will help you figure out the areas through which customers are interacting with your company and also provide analysis on how the interaction takes place. So, from the analysis result, you can understand what would interest your customer or prospective customers. If you run a big company, you can employ big data analysts for better precision.

So, it’s not impossible, but you would need to dedicate resources to that effect.

It will save you Money

We know that the reaction you would have to the above information about the use of software and data analysts is, ‘wow! That’s expensive. We can afford that.’ We get that reaction a lot when we tell people personalization can make them Money. People have the rigid mindset that it is expensive and complex. We have shown above that it is not as tough as it looks. We are also here to tell you that it is not as expensive as it seems. How? You wonder. The reason is that you can start small. You can begin with data from some customer touchpoints. Then, you can decide to move up gradually and deal with more customer data and employ superior predictive analysis.

Improvement of Customer Experience

Customers prefer businesses that would provide them with wholesome customer experiences and would patronize such businesses. So, it is only normal for you to make sure customer experience when interacting with your business is top-notch. Many companies have praised their investment in customer personalization because it has helped improve their customer experience. In a situation where many customers are willing to pay more for a top-notch customer experience, you can see why these businesses are eager to praise marketing personalization.

When you have a better customer experience than other businesses, businesses will patronize you, and when businesses patronize you, you are on your way to becoming a market leader.

Improved Chances of Customer Retention

You already have customers who patronize you. They know all there is to know about your business, but the question is, do you know all there is to know about them? You have information about them but do you know them? As you have seen above, there are ways you can map out customer interaction with your business. When you have that mapped out, you can provide targeted advertisements to customers who have earlier patronized your business. When you do that, you motivate them to have a continued relationship with your business. Amazon uses this strategy to market their business to customers and enjoy improved conversation rates due to this.

Brand Loyalty

When customers provide their data to you, they want to be seen as individuals with unique interests and not lumped as part of many. When you send a personalized ad or message to your customer, you show them that you know them and are willing to treat them like individuals instead of generically. When you engage in personalized marketing, you will build a base of loyal customers to your brand as you would be giving your customers the attention they aren’t getting anywhere else.

Content Engagement

When you give customers satisfaction, they will become loyal to you. When they are loyal to you, they will interact with your content better. They are likely to drop comments and positive reactions to your content when they feel your business is their business. They would also make advertisements for you and he genuinely interested in your success.

Improved ROI

You are running your business not only to make a profit but to make loads of it. Most companies are not doing up to their potential due to their rigidity in their marketing strategies. You can tell customers about your business all you want, but if you don’t make them feel like a crucial part of your business, you don’t have them. Personalization makes the customer feel special as it singles out interests that are unique to them.

Personalization spins the business around the customers, and it allows you to track the individual customer journey with your business. When you know all you need to know about your customer, you will satisfy their desires. When you can satisfy customer desires, they begin to patronize you more and make other people patronize you too. Your conversation rate would improve, and when it improves, so does your ROI.

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