6 Best Tips For Improving The Visual Appeal Of Your Merchandises

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Are you thinking of how to boost your customer’s shopping experience? If so, one of the best places to start would be to enhance the visual appeal of your merchandise. Doing this will help your brand stand out in an extremely cutthroat marketplace where everyone is trying to outdo each other. The trick of improving your product’s visual appeal proves to be very effective because it allows customers to differentiate your products from those of your competitors easily.

Since customers are typically fascinated by attractive products, you can check out some tips on how you can go about working on your merchandise’s visual appeal. If you’re interested, read on!

1. Use A Simple Design 

Customers today only have a limited amount of time they can spend shopping. Therefore, the last thing on their minds is setting aside some precious time to read product descriptions so that they can familiarize themselves with your merchandise. This means they’ll take much longer to determine whether to buy your product. Shoppers just don’t have that much time, and they’ll quickly move on to the next product with a clearer and more direct message. 

Because of shoppers’ short attention spans, your focus should be on designing a package that shows your customers you indeed have their best interests at heart. Doing anything contrary will only give your customers the impression that your products are of low quality and aren’t worth buying. This is an issue you can avoid by availing of the services of a professional, such as a provider that offers graphic overlay design services.  

But while the packaging is crucial in enticing a consumer into buying your products, you mustn’t overdo it. Going overboard involves using too many designs, graphics, and colors. This isn’t ideal because shoppers will mostly likely find them to be too much. As a result, they’ll opt out of buying your products and choose a competitor’s products instead. Hence, the package should only show the best attributes and include readable fonts. 

2. Select The Correct Package Sizes 

Packing in the world of retail marketing is essential. This is because potential customers expect the packaging design of your products to provide them with convenience of transporting and storing them. In addition, the package should provide the product with adequate protection so that your consumers will find your product in perfect condition. When you do all this, your customers will appreciate the fact that you had kept them in mind while designing the product’s package. Thus, they’re more inclined to purchase your product. 

It’s also important to avoid designing oversized packages because bigger packaging doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Your focus should instead be on selecting a realistic and efficient design. A great design won’t just benefit the customers but will also allow your products to take up less shelve space. As a result, you can stock more products on the allocated shelf spaces. 

3. Avoid Generic Designs 

Product packaging usually acts as a mode of communication between you and your potential customers. Therefore, you need to carefully examine the choice of packaging to ensure a positive first impression from your customers. The only way of achieving this is by using a professional design. As a startup owner, it’s easy to see this as an additional expense you’re better off without, but this is far from the truth. This is because a professional design will be crucial in your attempts to grow your business. 

If you opt to use a generic design, you shouldn’t have any hopes of your products quickly being bought by your customers. After all, using free-to-download packaging images won’t differentiate your products from those displayed on the shelves. 

In addition, merchandises with generic designs give customers the impression that the products you offer aren’t of great quality. If you don’t want such negativity associated with your brand, it’s best to use a professional, striking, and unique design when coming up with your product packaging. 

4. Pick The Right Theme 

Different colors evoke various emotions in people. And as a business owner, you need to make good use of this by creatively designing your packages with different shades. This will help spark certain emotions in your customers whenever they see your products. But before choosing any specific color, be sure that it does convey the message you’re hoping to get across. This will help you promote your products through an emotional appeal. The right colors will also make your products more attractive. 

For example, it’s best to use bright, cool, and warm hues when marketing products typically used by clients that host joyful events. Using these colors bring about feelings of inner peace, fulfillment, and excitement in your customers. On the other hand, dark tones are best for products that express a serious message. 

5. Take Stunning Pictures 

Taking actual pictures of your products should be one of your main priorities because the visual impression you make significantly determines how customers view your products. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a professional photographer who can guide you through the process and help you pick the correct images when marketing

Visual Marketing

Moreover, working with an experienced photographer is highly recommended because they can capture your products at different angles, display the products’ appearance in real life, and ensure the orientation and aspect ratio is consistent. Achieving all this wouldn’t be possible if you had used stock photographs. If you go for stock images, consumers might find the same pictures used by a different brand, breaking their trust in you. Therefore, you should cease from this strategy, even if today’s marketers commonly apply it since it’s cheaper and less time-consuming. Still life photography can be an excellent alternative to using stock images, especially for e-commerce businesses that want to create unique and eye-catching product images. With still life photography, you can create a custom-made set that perfectly showcases your products’ unique features and attributes, helping you stand out from your competitors and build a consistent brand image.

6. Label Your Products

The use of bold lettering and bright colors grabs the attention of a potential customer. And with a shopper’s attention span averaging about 8 to 10 seconds and numerous competitors selling products almost similar to yours, it makes perfect sense that you need to label your products clearly. 


The success of your business depends on how well you can continually convince customers to buy your merchandise and not that of your competitors. This can only be accomplished by ensuring your product stands out. But this is easier said than done, and it’s something that many startups have tried to no avail. 

Luckily, this guide details creative tips on how you can improve the visual appeal of your products. Once you apply what you’ve learned from our guide, you’ll soon see your merchandises flying off retail shelves. 


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