5 Ways How Non-technical Founders Can Make it Big in Tech

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The tech world is full of thriving business opportunities. Even if you are a non-technical founder, you still can make it big out there. Collaborating with software developers is the key to building successful tech start-ups. In this article, we are presenting three effective ways to get it started and make the most of it in the tech industry.

Start by clearly articulating your product vision 

A product vision is all it takes to get it started in the tech industry. That’s how all the big tech giants were born: from a crystal clear vision that would solve some people’s pains. You see, 

  • the bigger the pain
  • the more people struggle with it, 
  • the faster your envisioned product can solve it – the better!

Being a non-technical founder can work to your advantage as you might think out of the box and have an eye for analyzing markets and people’s needs. 

Go out and talk to your prospects. Gather as much insight as possible.

Once you have a clear vision of your product and the problem it will solve, it’s time to bring it to life. 

Collaboration with software developers is the key

Once you have a clear product vision, you need someone to “code it” into reality.

Although finding the right technical talents to partner with can be challenging, it’s not impossible. 

Here is what to keep in mind when looking for a tech partner:

1. Less is more: Design your Minimum Viable Product simply & clearly.

Although you’re not software savvy, you should have a crystal clear vision of your product or tool. Partnering with software developers is only rewarding if you have a well-defined, workable idea.

Focus on the features of your product: 

  • Which problem does it solve?
  • Which features enable that?
  • What makes it unique? 

Once you gather these insights, design a simple MVP to test them out.

Only once your MVP proves you there is ground for the growth of your product in your market, you should proceed to design the product at its best.

2. Start marketing your product as soon as the first line of code is written.

Common mistake founders make is to wait until their product is out to start marketing it. But waiting takes time and time is money. 

You should start marketing your product as soon as the first line of code is being written. Consider writing a landing page and diving into the reactions and feedback of your prospects. 

Do they see it as valuable? Would they actually pay your target price to get it?

A great tech hack is to optimize your product according to the pre-sale feedback inclusively. That’s a golden tip for reducing costs.

3. Get users and get feedback.

Feedback is the key to making it big in tech. It helps you understand your prospects and the extent to which your product solves their problems. In other words, its utility. 

Technology developers find inspiration and ground for improvement in users’ feedback and you should never underrate it.

Check directly with your market and gain as much insight as possible. This will allow you to monetize your product faster and keep your tech collaborators motivated to improve it. What drives software developers are the results.

4. Create the environment for growth.

Partnering with technology developers can be highly rewarding for non-tech founders. Rather than engaging tech collaborators only in the coding part of the process, consider checking product features and even your vision with them. They have both the eye and the expertise to predict what tool is most likely to succeed or fail. Actively engage with them, ask for opinions and feedback and consider their advice.

5. Find the right partners to skyrocket your product.

Coding is where your vision product is brought to life to take on the market. Consequently, sourcing the right software developer is crucial.

Start by helping your candidates see EXACTLY the product you are building, the problem it will solve, and how it will do so. It will also help you estimate the time and costs to complete the project. 

Finding the right software developers to partner with is crucial. They will bring your product to life and help you skyrocket your business. 

So take the recruitment of your team seriously. It will make or break your vision.  

Recruit smart, not hard

Fortunately, some projects like Turnkey Labs make it spectacularly easy for you to build and scale remote product development teams. After carefully mapping out all your needs, Turnkey team quickly sources the best remote candidates for you. While outsourcing and offshoring offer project-based and temporary solutions for your needs, Yourshore is a long-term, fully integrated option. They help you design YOUR team around your culture, your needs, and your goals. You only get to choose from the professionals specialized in your specific product development objectives. 

Besides, Turnkey facilitates a smooth transition and briefs the team on your strategic goals. They regularly help you optimize your team as your needs and objectives evolve. Ultimately, this honors and supports the organic growth cycle of your business.

Business is all about partnerships

Partnering with the right people and building a bright team is halfway to success. You see, it’s the people who bring visions to life. That’s how value is created. And that’s how we all get to live in a better, more prosperous world.

Non-technical founders can still make it big in tech. All it takes them is a clear vision and a proficient team of software developers to code it.


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