5 Ways Every Small Business Can Leverage CRM


Customers are usually a top priority of any business. This is regardless of your business emphasis or the services you provide. 

Besides contributing to the growth of your business, they give honest feedback and inspire new ideas for your business. So, customers play a vital role as they bring in the cash.  

Aside from a poor product, unpleasant experiences will push clients to your competitors. Clients always search for a pleasant experience regardless of the services or products. According to Statista, 40% of customers changed brands in 2020 because of poor customer experience.  

To stand out from their competition, businesses must align their strategies. They need to seize opportunities, develop a loyal client base, and boost customer engagement. 

Most businesses are embracing the use of a customer relationship management system. Having a practical CRM system will help your organization achieve its goals.

What Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is a practical tool for businesses to store and manage all their customer’s data. You can mine the data for insights, future sales estimates, sales, and marketing automation, etc. 

Today many organizations offer CRM software. But each is tailored to help businesses in accomplishing specific goals and objectives. 

Read along to discover how every small business can leverage CRM to benefit their customers and business. 

1. Improve Customer Experience 


Customer experience is vital if you’re looking to increase your business revenue. As stated earlier, customers should be the top priority of everything you do in business. 

To make your clients feel special, ensure you understand and appeal to their unique needs. Most of these customers choose your organization because of this factor. 

Therefore, it’s vital to embody your customer and develop a customer-centric strategy. And CRM has proven to be a reliable software that will appeal to your target customers.

A customer oriented CRM will provide an extraordinary experience that clients will rave about. This software tailors a unique purchasing experience by recording and documenting a customer journey. 

Moreover, it allows you to customize contracts based on potential clients’ needs. This reassures them that your organization is ready to meet their unique demands. 

You can view clients’ communication history at a glance with the CRM tool. This is because CRM software unifies all communication into a single interface. 

Notes, appointments, emails, and other interactions provide the foundation for the data. Moreover, CRM is effective as one can set reminders and engage customers in real-time. 

2. Support Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re working with a small budget, you should consider email marketing. This is an effective strategy compared to other marketing tactics. Since it uses a targeting approach, you stand to gain a more significant return on investment. 

Moreover, you get to enhance your brand visibility using email marketing. Besides, its initiatives are simple to set up, track and evaluate their performance.  

Also, leveraging the CRM system has many benefits to your email marketing strategy. For instance, you’ll see your clients’ contact info, purchase history, and demographics. This data is essential as it makes it easy to personalize email campaigns and achieve better outcomes. 

Besides, this strategy is vital as it boosts customer interaction and email campaigns. Investing in this tactic helps you see a significant ROI on your marketing spend. 

3. Bridges the Gap Between Sales and Marketing Teams

The marketing and sales department is usually the backbone of every organization. Therefore, you must succeed in these two departments to earn revenue as a small business. 

Effective marketing attracts quality leads through strategic marketing. Then you need to have a compelling sales pitch to persuade them to buy from you. 

The concept may appear simple, but one needs to be strategic for this process to be effective. When you fail to attract quality prospects when advertising, it will prolong the sales process. 

Similarly, your sales strategy needs to be solid enough since it aids in developing successful marketing and advertising materials. 

Your sales and marketing activities need to be adaptable to achieve this alignment. And that’s how CRM software helps bridge this gap. 

The CRM tool helps you to monitor sales and marketing information. Hence it allows you to keep track of clients’ journey through the communication process. 

4. Improved Communication


 Aside from handling management problems, the CRM tool has various uses. You can use CRM features to communicate effectively with coworkers, clients, part-timers, etc.  

With ever-evolving technology, you don’t need a stack of papers for effective communication. CRM tool simplifies communication with different sectors to promote the same high level of service. This is possible because everyone in an organization has access to clients’ data. 

Shared and chat dashboards are some of the useful built-in communication features. They allow you to execute complex and multi-stage initiatives efficiently. Besides, the tool simplifies the communication channel for your partners, marketing services, etc. 

A good example is when working with a graphic design agency to help with the company’s brand appeal. You’ll need to create a user account for them in the CRM to eliminate numerous shared folders. 

One notable feature of most modern CRM programs is their portability. This is a valuable addition as you can use your smartphone as a communication hub. As a result, this makes it easy to engage with clients while on the go. 

5. Increase Revenue 

What can you say about the closing rate of your team? Is it low or high? And is there any chance that lack of customer follow-up caused you to miss a transaction?

If you’re not aware of these statistics, CRM will be a game-changer for your business. The CRM system is predicted to improve revenue by 42% by 2025. It has significant features that allow an organization to generate and analyze reports. This is vital as it will enable you to determine the phases of the sales that are working and not. 

It allows you to drop ineffective strategies and convert more leads into buyers. As a result, it’s easy to prevent hot leads from turning cold with a CRM system. 

You can use the automatic email tool to send out discounts for a client’s anniversary or birthday. Also, the feature can help you set up reminders to follow up with clients.

And what makes this tool more desirable? The ability of your employees to close sales without having to be at the office. 

Take Away 

A CRM system is a robust and inexpensive solution for small businesses. It helps to improve the customer experience while accelerating your business growth. 

CRM software allows your organization to take the customer-centric approach. The system will enable you to personalize email marketing and provide customized interactions. 

CRM is essential as its automated. And you can earn revenue from existing clients and reduce the operating and client acquisitions costs. An effective CRM should be simple to use. Besides, it may help develop your business by nurturing business ties. 


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