5 Uses of Cryptocurrencies


Rather than only paying for products and services, most cryptocurrencies may be used for applications.

• Cryptocurrencies provide access to financial services that are used by people all around the planet.

• Ethereum – with the ERC20 standard, it was the major stimulus for the rise of the crypto area in the industry.

• IOTA – which creates real-world applications for the Internet of Things.

• Asset — a type of property that includes real estate and precious metals.

• Stablecoins’ popularity is growing by the day, and they trade at parity with fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are a type of “digital representation of value” that is not produced by a central bank or other government agency and is recognised as a form of payment by both legal and natural people. Cryptocurrencies have the advantage of being able to be stored, transferred, and exchanged online. Some governments do not consider cryptocurrencies to be currencies in the traditional sense.  If you’re wondering if you should accept bitcoin click here to learn more about it.

Cryptocurrencies are utilised as a means of trading (as a form of digital money) as well as a means of storing value. Cryptocurrencies were defined as things with a market value.


According to recent trends, struggling nations with political instability and hyperinflation are also interested in Bitcoin, but they have little or no access to banking services. The majority of the region’s economies are established and primarily cash-based, thus consumers do not need to spend money on transportation to go to the bank because they can now access the bank through their cell phone. With the use of digital wallets to transfer Bitcoin, users are no longer reliant on traditional banks to engage in finance and build a store of value without having a bank account.


Bitcoin was the catalyst for the cryptocurrency revolution, but Ethereum helped to establish cryptocurrencies as a viable industry. Ethereum is also known as the “world computer” for decentralised applications on an unofficial basis (DApps). The Ethereum network has become the world’s premier computing platform as a result of the widespread use of smart contacts and the adoption of the ERC20 standard for tokens.


IOTA is the initiative behind Tangle which is an open-source distributed database. Its aim is to create an environment where trading takes place among machines to exchange goods as well as services. One of its real-world usages has collaborated with an automobile company to check the usage of smart wallet innovation.

Asset-Backed Tokens

An asset-backed token is a token that has its value proportional to that of a physical asset. These assets possess an inherent value that is why they are also called asset-backed tokens. Tokenization aids in improving the liquidity of the real assets in the market. Here liquidity can be defined as the capability of an asset to be bought and sold in the market as quickly as possible.


The main reason for bringing stablecoins was to eliminate the volatility and hold a stable value as compared to the other digital currencies that are volatile. Its value is pegged to that of a fiat currency where it is allowed. It can also be an optional value transfer and engaging in the worldwide economic system especially for those inhabitants that are residing in faraway places where there is economic unrest, banks are not accessible that often and domestic money has also got instability.

Closing thought

Here in this blog I present to you some basic use cases associated with cryptocurrencies. They are of different nature and all have their own uses in the digital realm. I hope these five use cases for digital currencies will be understood so that you too can join this democratic monetary world.

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