5 Tips for Using an AI Content Generator

5 Tips for Using an AI Content Generator

In the age of technology, many industries and professions have been streamlined with the addition of new programs and software. One area that has recently been given a twenty-first century makeover is content writing. Content writers and marketing teams alike have been reviewing the usability of AI generated content. If you would like to start experimenting with an AI content generator, here are some tips for how to get started.

1. Let it Assist with the Creative Process

As a writer, you may experience days where creativity doesn’t flow as easily. Whether you can attribute this to writer’s block or overall fatigue, an AI content generator can help you through the process. Many content generators have a template for topic ideas. The software typically requires two to three steps to help generate ideas relevant to the topic you are writing about. You will first enter a brief description of the topic, then you will enter any related keywords. Then you leave the rest up to the generator. You then instantly have hundreds to even thousands of topics for you to draw inspiration from.

If you are experiencing writer’s block that goes beyond the bounds of topic generation, you can also use it to help you formulate the perfect sentences for your article or blog post. This function works the same way that topic generation does. The AI will choose from thousands of different word combinations to create sentences that you can use to assist you with your writing.

2. Use it For Structure

If you struggle with organization in your writing, then an AI content generator can help you with that too. Let the generator help you create structure and cohesion in your writing by using it to outline your content. You can use this outline to ensure that you are covering all your key points and that you are arranging the information in a way that makes the most sense.

3. Let it do the Research For You

Research is arguably the most time-consuming part of writing. Because the AI is pulling from a massive database, much of the time you would spend researching is eliminated when you use an AI. This will help to increase your productivity exponentially by cutting down on research time.

4. Use it for SEO

If you are writing blog posts or website content for search engine optimization, then you will benefit greatly from an AI content generator. SEO is used to help drive traffic to the target webpage, therefore increasing its standing on Google. However, for people who are new to this process, it can be fairly overwhelming. AI comes in handy with SEO as it will help you establish and incorporate keywords that are relevant. AI programs have the ability to create a basic framework for you to follow which helps to create content that follows the standard SEO guidelines. Essentially, it is best to employ the help of AI for any content that is geared towards SEO.

5. Review All AI Generated Content Before Publishing

While AI generated content has many great benefits, it can only function optimally alongside the assistance of a human writer. Whenever you are using a content generator, you need to ensure that you are reviewing all of the sentences that the AI came up with. This is for three main reasons. First being that there is a distinct lack of pathos in most AI written articles. Many people can tell instantly when a piece was not written by a human. This is due to the lack of voice and storytelling abilities that a computer has. Human writing has a far more personal tone than AI writing. The second reason you always want to review is due to the potential of offensive or poorly worded content. Computers do not understand nuance and the current political and social climate in the world today. It is important to ensure that your writing does not suggest anything offensive or out of touch with current times. Lastly you also need to make sure that there is no unintentional plagiarism, as this can sometimes occur with AI content.

Using an AI Content Generator     

An AI content generator can be an incredibly helpful tool to writers and marketing teams alike. They are not only great for improving the efficiency of your marketing team as a whole, but they are also great at increasing volume, lowering costs, and saving time. Employ some of these tips and tricks when using an AI content generator for best results.


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