5 Things Needed for a Successful Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Dispensary

In areas where cannabis is legal to purchase for recreational use, there are often authorized dealers who are legally allowed to sell marijuana products opening weed stores known as dispensaries. In countries like Canada and several states in America, you can walk into these stores and purchase cannabis without breaking the law. Just like any other product, weed is taxed, and legal marijuana has helped generate lots of money to help build roads, schools, universities, etc. 

There are a lot of entrepreneurs hoping to make a successful dispensary. In a lot of towns and cities there are several weed stores, so competition can be fierce. So, what makes one dispensary better than others? In this article, we will take a closer look at what customers want from a weed store.

1. Incredible Customer Service

The most important thing in any business is the customers and the same goes for the marijuana business. Every dispensary hires staff members known as “budtenders”. Their job is to provide clients with top-notch customer service. They have to understand the products they are selling in depth so they can explain in great detail to each customer what to expect from each item available. 

Budtenders need to have incredible communication skills. They will be dealing with cannabis enthusiasts and people who are new to consuming cannabis. If a person who has been using marijuana for many years asks for detailed advice, the budtender should have all the answers. However, if someone is new to weed, they should be able to explain to them in layman’s terms about the different products available. Finding a budtender that listens to your customers is vital. You don’t want budtenders recommending extremely potent cannabis products to people who haven’t yet built up a tolerance. 

Budtenders can help create a safe and friendly environment in a dispensary. Many people would have opted not to buy weed on the black market before it was legalized because they were worried about buying weed from a violent criminal. Budtenders can help change the image of how cannabis is purchased. Instead of purchasing weed from a dangerous gangster, they are buying from a smiley, friendly budtender. It can make going to the dispensary an exciting and fun part of the customers day. 

2. Delivery Service

Since the pandemic began it seems like almost all dispensaries where it is legal to deliver weed have a delivery service in place. Not all states in America allow authorized sellers to deliver weed. A lot of people who consume cannabis products use the substance for medicinal purposes, and if they have an underlying health condition, going to their local dispensary might put them at risk of contracting the deadly virus, so having a delivery service is essential. 

The best dispensaries offer a 24 hours delivery service. This allows their customers to order pot whenever they feel like it. Some dispensaries have full-time delivery people employed. When hiring a delivery driver, make sure they carry a valid driving licence and have no previous convictions. Also, make sure they wear a mask and practice social distancing when delivering cannabis products to the customers. 

Customers should be able to order marijuana online or by telephone. Some customers will want their products immediately, so having a full-time delivery person employed will help.

3. Online Presence

It seems like everyone owns a device that allows them to connect to the web these days, so to keep new and existing clients updated on what is going on with your dispensary, having a good online presence can help. 

Most weed stores have a website like this 420 store. A website can be used to promote different cannabis strains and other marijuana products in the store. A lot of people research different types of weed before they spend their money, so giving a detailed description of each product available will help the customer. Keep in mind that a lot of the customers will be under the influence of marijuana when they are on your site, so making it easy for them to navigate through each page is critical. 

Social media platforms are another great way of promoting a dispensary. It can be used so that customers can communicate with the store. Some dispensaries like your Cabana have a strong social media presence that they find very useful.

4. Enforce Covid-19 Restrictions

Since the rollout of the vaccination, it seems like the pandemic is finally coming to an end. However, dispensary owners and employees can’t assume we are out of the woods. As discussed earlier, a lot of people who use cannabis have underlying health problems, so making sure strict Covid-19 restrictions are put in place is important. 

Make sure each of the staff members employed wear a face mask at all times when working inside the store. Consider putting markings on the ground to encourage customers to practice social distancing while inside the dispensary. Because we are advised to avoid crowded places, we have a limit on the number of customers allowed in the store at once. 

If a lot of your staff members and customers contract the virus while inside the dispensary, not only will it damage their health it could have a terrible impact on your business. Making sure employees don’t let their guard down during these unprecedented times is critical. 

5. Top Quality Products

It’s not surprising that the best dispensaries out there sell the best pot. To make sure you are getting good weed consistently make sure you monitor it. Every time you buy a lot of stock, examine the buds to make sure the purchase is what you have ordered. Consider visiting your grower’s farm, and find out what chemical they are using to grow the weed you are buying. Some growers use harmful chemicals when cultivating cannabis, so find out exactly what goes into each plant. 

If you sell low-quality cannabis products to a customer, chances are they will tell a lot of people. Word of mouth in the cannabis industry is extremely powerful, and if you sell low-quality weed, even just a few times, your business will suffer terribly. Just because weed is legal in a lot of places doesn’t mean it’s cheap. If customers are paying $15 for a gram they will expect nice buds. 


Dispensaries are constantly improving, so if you want to invest in a weed store, make sure you are a person who is willing to adapt to change. Lately, dispensaries have been adding a drive-thru service, so customers can order weed without having to leave the car. Others are offering a Mail-order Marijuana service, which allows customers to order cannabis products online and have them sent to where they live by mail. New cannabis products are appearing on the market all the time, so making sure your stock is up to date is important. Because a lot of people with disabilities consume weed, making the store wheelchair friendly will make it a lot easier for customers who use cannabis to access your store. 

Unfortunately, becoming an authorized cannabis dealer is often difficult, plus, you will need a lot of capital to get the doors of a dispensary open. Dispensaries normally cost from $200,000 to $2 million to open. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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