5 Non-Tech Items to Have On-Hand When Working in the Office

Working in the Office
Spice up your office life with these helpful, easily attainable items

Many people would agree that productive work is given room to flourish when ideal working environments are created. That’s why so many of today’s top companies and businesses pride themselves on their modern office spaces, equipped with all the trendy trimmings. However, it is also your responsibility as an employee to ensure that your own personal desk is well-suited for your needs. So, no matter if you are going to the office every day or working remotely full-time, here are a few items – besides your laptop and monitor – that will help you get the absolute most out of every working day.

A Refillable Water Bottle

Regardless of your line of office work, hydration is key to maintaining concentration and focus. Additionally, adequate water consumption is linked to increased energy levels, organ and tissue protection, a stabilized heartbeat and blood pressure rate, and headache relief. In fact, health experts recommend at least 2 litres of water daily for these reasons and many others. Therefore, even if you normally drink other liquids like tea or coffee, the first item on your desk should always be a water bottle that you can easily refill to ensure that you are staying on track with your water goal!

An Extra Pack of Contact Lenses

Whether you’re at home or at the office, you’ll need to see your computer screen well in order to work properly. After all, there’s nothing worse than squinting at a bright screen of text or joining a virtual meeting only to find that the content is blurred and your colleagues’ faces are completely unrecognizable. Since contacts bend to perfectly fit the curvature of the eye, they can certainly benefit workers who spend a lot of time looking at a screen. That’s why all workers, especially those who are required to stare at a computer for over eight hours each day, should always have an extra pair of contacts somewhere on or inside their office desk. Fortunately, nowadays it has never been easier to obtain them as platforms sell contact lenses online with next day delivery. Don’t get stuck working without the best vision possible! 

A Laptop Riser

One of the downsides of having an office job is the inability to walk around and move your body throughout the day. This immobility can lead to back pain and muscle tightness and, most commonly, poor posture. A laptop riser is one of the best desk accessories to combat this issue as they offer the best viewing height, thus reducing the physical strain on the eyes, neck, and upper back. The best laptop risers adjust with ease, allowing you to raise or lower your screen for the best ergonomic setup possible. Once you invest in this handy product, you’ll never go back to working without it again.

Your Favorite Plant

Nowadays, owning plants seems to be the trendy thing to do as rooms full of hanging pothos and cute succulents provide both homeowners and offices low maintenance solutions for aesthetically pleasing spaces. However, the truth is that plants not only improve air quality in the places they inhabit, but also boost creativity, reduce stress among workers, and even diminish noise levels. So, the next time you are about to buy some random accessories for your office desk, why not opt for a beautiful plant that will add style and much more to the space around you?

Your Favorite Plant
Aside from simply acting as air purifiers, plants have actually been proven to offer physical health benefits

A Desk Organizer

There’s no doubt that a minimalistic desk space promotes higher levels of productivity over a cluttered one. Unorganized areas, especially in a work context, are enemies of efficiency as you waste valuable time looking for things instead of being able to directly reach for what you need. This is where a desk organizer comes in handy, a small accessory that can make a world of difference for your organizational skills. Give yourself serenity of mind with this product that will help you arrange all your everyday work items neatly in one place. After all, an organized setup is one of the first factors that employees look for in any office space nowadays.


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