5 Home Furniture Trends for Dropshipping (2022)


The latest trends in home furniture for 2022 are worth noting for dropshippers selling in this market. The interior design show, Maison & Objet Paris, was held in March this year and offered an insight into what’s popular for design and decor. International ecommerce retailer, vidaXL, has chosen five of the biggest trends from the Paris trade fair and related products that might become your eCommerce bestsellers.

vidaXL specialise in selling trending and affordable home and garden products online. Based in the Netherlands, vidaXL operates a dropshipping programme, known as dropshippingXL, for entrepreneurs that want to sell their items to internet shoppers.  

Here are their top five home furniture trends.


Rattan furniture is making a comeback with retro style home pieces such as rattan indoor chairs, candle holders, mirror frames, and storage units. 

What is rattan?

Rattan is a natural material similar to bamboo. It is flexible, sturdy, lightweight, and gives an appealing aesthetic when made into furniture. The vine-like plant it is made from originates in Africa, Australia, and Asia. For eco-conscious shoppers, rattan is the second-fastest-growing material for furniture (with willow being the first). 

Wicker decor

A term often confused with rattan, wicker is a style of weaving. It has been around for thousands of years and can be used with other materials besides rattan. Wicker furniture and accessories are made of willow, straw, reed, bamboo, and synthetic fibres. 


Why customers will love rattan products

  • Rattan furniture can be used indoors and outdoors
  • The wicker style is currently trending as a 70s retro piece
  • Rattan is easy to clean 
  • It is an affordable option for those with smaller budgets
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around the home or garden
  • Rattan fits with a chic neutral palette but can be paired with bright colours


vidaXL 2 Seater Rattan Sofa (​​EAN: 8719883590356)


vidaXL Hanging Candle Holder (​​EAN: 8718475620679)

The 70s are back 

The fun, groovy, and bold style of the 1970s is making a resurgence, according to Vogue and Insider. Not all aspects of the decade are being embraced, however, with lava lamps and kitsch patterns being left behind. Be prepared for earthy tones of green, brown, and golden orange, low slung leather seating, shag rugs, and dark wooden sideboards.

Why customers will love 70s interior decor

  • Genuine leather gives a sophisticated feel
  • The modern twist on the 1970s is fun and flattering
  • This style can be mixed and matched with current non-retro pieces
  • Geometric shapes add interest 

1970s inspired products to consider dropshipping


vidaXL Console Table Solid Acacia Wood (​​EAN: 8718475590248)


vidaXL Armchair Genuine Leather (​​EAN: 8718475611523)


vidaXL 2 Seater Sofa Genuine Leather Brown (​​EAN: 8718475741817)

Opulent colours

Going hand-in-hand with the 70s theme, rich and lavish colours are on-trend. This means emerald greens, vivid blue, vermillion reds, and topaz shades are what interior enthusiasts will be reaching for. Big, vibrant patterns are big this season too, according to the Maison & Objet fair and Elle Decor.

Home decor items to look out for

  • Decadent wallpapers
  • Oversized floral patterns on tapestries, rugs, and furnishings
  • Layering colours with throws, pillows, vases, and artwork
  • Vivacious shades for sofas and seating

Vibrant products to consider dropshipping


vidaXL Amazon Multicoloured Wallpaper (EAN: 5411012457709)


vidaXL Acapulco Chair Poly Rattan Green (EAN: 8720286150054)

Art deco

The revival of Art Deco in interior design has also come back alongside the 70s. The Design collections at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris recently featured Art Deco and the 80s take on the period, known as Memphis. Art Deco is characterised by geometric shapes, lines, gold and copper tones, mirrored surfaces, and a sense of 1930s luxury. 

Home decor items to look out for

  • Glossy black sideboards and coffee tables
  • Velvet sofas and chairs
  • Decor accessories featuring palm trees, fans, birds, and flowers
  • Tiara-shaped wall sconces 
  • Polished wood cabinets with metallic detailing
  • Symmetrical or angular lines in wallpaper and to decorate furniture

Art Deco-inspired products to consider dropshipping


vidaXL Coffee Table with Black Marble Glass (EAN: 8720286058428)


vidaXL Sideboard Black and Gold (EAN: 8719883810416)


vidaXL Cube Armchair with Footstool (EAN: 8718475739838)

Rug art

Interior design experts at Luxury London Magazine cite rug art as another popular trend in 2022. Veering to a maximalist style, rugs are now being incorporated into the home as pieces of art. For those on a smaller budget, rugs with artistic, expressionist, colourful, abstract, or large motif designs are set to be sought after by modern homeowners.

Why customers will love rug art

  • Rugs with an artistic design bring a unique element to a room or hallway 
  • They offer an alternative to wall art
  • Tigers, exotic elements, bouquets, and swirling patterns are fun and vibrant
  • A statement rug or runner can act as a centrepiece

Rugs to consider dropshipping


vidaXL Printed Carpet Runner (EAN: 8720286601006)


vidaXL Modern Rug Zebra Design (EAN: 8718475588184)


These trends are not just for the spring/summer season of 2022. The more classic a trend is, the longer it remains chic. Art deco, for example, has been reflected in home furniture pieces since it became popular in the 1920s. These styles can also be integrated with a homeowner’s personal taste, mixing and matching items, to establish something unique of their own. 

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