5 Effective Tips for Branding your Business

Human beings are visual creatures, 80% of human impressions lean on our sense of sight, so images become etched into our memory (most people can remember a face over a name). Capitalizing on this through branding will enable your brand to rise above its competitors.

Branding is what differentiates your business from your competition and allows the public to get an idea of what your business’s values are. One simply cannot underestimate the power of a logo printed on a t-shirt or an irresistible discount posted on social media, but we understand that not everyone has a t-shirt printer in their garage or a digital marketing strategist, so we would like to give you 5 effective tips for how you can brand your business:

1. No Uniform?

There is a wide selection of objects that can bear the image of your brand ranging from coffee cups to banners, keyrings, and t-shirts. We do not recommend slapping cheap stickers of your logo onto everything in sight, however, we highly recommend that if you don’t have uniforms for your staff that you invest in printing your brand’s logo onto some kind of apparel for your staff members to wear.

A printed t-shirt is simple yet effective as this will demonstrate an aura of pride, and it is also free advertising should one of your staff need to go grocery shopping after work.

2. Advertise through Cross-Platform Strategies

Advertising on social media has never been easier thanks to Lead Ads, although there is a way that you can advertise on both simultaneously through Automatic Placements. Automatic Placements is a marketing tool that you can set up to generate the same Lead Ad for your social media profiles, and because Facebook and Instagram are interlinked, it isn’t hard to set up.

3. Schedule a Digital Marketing Strategy Calendar

To draw as much attention to your company on social media, we recommend that you devise a digital marketing strategy that is set according to your calendar to stay consistent. Schedule weekly email campaigns which inform newsletter subscribers of your promotions, daily shoppable posts and live streaming sessions on social media and weekly advertisements through platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.

4. Consider Launching an Application

Nothing speaks louder than integrating your brand into a mobile and web-friendly application as it gives the public the idea that your brand is here to stay. An application also enables the public to order your product through their smartphone, making your business and brand seem like it is making their lives easier.

5. Ensure every Customer Experience is Special

When people consider how good your service or product is, they are basing their opinion on their overall experience of your business. They base their overall perception of your business from how they rate your engagement with them. This engagement begins from the time that they first came into contact with your business, say, seeing a post that their friend liked on social media to the moment long after the sale was made.

Every moment that the customer spends watching your live stream or every word that is spoken by every staff-member that the customer comes into contact with matters more than we can emphasize.


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