5 Best Deepfakes That Amused the Internet

Deep fake technology

Deep fake technology has become widely popular over the last few years due to its unique ability to create incredibly realistic videos of people doing or saying things they never did. That is made possible by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence that manipulate facial features and movements, allowing a person’s face to be superimposed onto another person’s body with astonishing accuracy. However, the potential for malicious use of deep fakes cannot be ignored. As shown by ExpressVPN, they can be used to create misleading or harmful content, such as fake news or propaganda, that could have serious consequences for individuals and society. Despite these concerns, deepfake technology has resulted in impressive technical achievements. This article will explore five of the best deepfakes that have entertained and amazed audiences online.

Nicolas Cage as Every Character in “Friends”

One of the most popular and widely-shared deep fake videos on the internet features actor Nicolas Cage superimposed onto the bodies of all the main characters in the iconic TV show “Friends.” In this deep fake, viewers are treated to a surreal and hilarious experience as they watch Cage deliver some of the show’s most memorable lines with his characteristic intensity and eccentricity. The video has become a viral sensation, garnering millions of views and shares across various social media platforms. Many viewers have been thoroughly amused and entertained by the combination of Cage’s unique persona and the beloved characters and scenes from “Friends.”

Bill Hader as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Seth Rogen

This deepfake video showcases the comedic talents of Bill Hader, who impersonates two very different Hollywood personalities: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Seth Rogen. The deep fake technology is used to seamlessly superimpose the faces of Schwarzenegger and Rogen onto Hader’s face, making it appear as if Hader is morphing into the two stars in real-time. The result is a humorous and impressive performance that has garnered praise from viewers for its technical precision and entertainment value. The video has become a viral hit, with countless shares and reactions on social media. It has even inspired a new trend of users creating their deepfakes featuring their favorite celebrities.

Jim Carrey, seen as Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”

“The Shining” deepfake is a prime example of the entertainment value that can be achieved through deepfake technology. In this video, Jim Carrey’s face is seamlessly superimposed onto Jack Nicholson’s body in iconic scenes from the horror classic. Carrey’s exaggerated facial expressions and comedic talent provide a hilarious contrast to the eerie atmosphere of the original film. The deepfake has gained a lot of attention on social media, with many praising the technical skill required to create such a convincing and entertaining video. It also showcases the potential of deep fake technology to create new forms of entertainment by combining the talents of different actors and performers.

Steve Buscemi as Jennifer Lawrence

While many deep fakes are praised for their technical precision and seamless transitions, this particular deepfake has gained attention for its unique and unexpected combination of two very different actors. By placing Steve Buscemi’s distinctive features onto Jennifer Lawrence’s body, the resulting video creates an uncanny and surreal effect that is both intriguing and unsettling. Despite not being as widely known as some of the other deepfakes on this list, it has gained a devoted following among those who appreciate its strange and unconventional approach to the genre. The popularity of this deepfake is a testament to the creative potential of this technology and the endless possibilities for exploring new forms of entertainment and artistic expression.

Tom Cruise as Iron Man

This deepfake video has ignited a discussion about the future of actors in the film industry. With Tom Cruise’s face flawlessly superimposed onto Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, the video showcases the potential of deep fake technology to replace actors in movies and TV shows. While the video has gained widespread attention for its technical prowess and entertainment value, it has also raised concerns about the ethical implications of using deep fakes in the entertainment industry. As the technology continues to evolve, it will be important for the industry to consider the potential consequences and take steps to ensure that deep fakes are used ethically and responsibly.

While these deep fakes have provided endless amusement for the internet, they have also raised concerns about the potential for malicious use. Deepfake technology can be used to create realistic videos of people saying or doing things they never did, which could be used for blackmail, propaganda, or other nefarious purposes. As technology continues to improve, individuals and organizations need to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to protect themselves.

In summary, the rise of deepfake technology has allowed for creative and humorous content on the internet. However, the potential for malicious use remains a significant concern, and individuals must exercise caution when engaging with deepfakes. As deepfake technology continues to advance, individuals and organizations must remain informed about its capabilities and potential risks. Ultimately, the responsible use of deepfake technology is essential to safeguarding the integrity of digital media and protecting individuals from harm.


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