5 Best Business Ideas To Start In 2021


With the whole pandemic hitting in 2020 and most of the offline businesses going out of service, we’ve understood that a business which only functions offline cannot get through situations like the worldwide lockdown.

And since we’re stepping into 2021 with the new strain of covid-19 it’s important that we take those lessons with us.

From this, if you were to have any business in the future, you’d either want it to be online, or online & offline – both. So we bring you the 5 best business ideas to start in 2021. 

1. Dropshipping

All the established businesses went for online selling in this lockdown and all the new businesses coming up are providing their services online.

Do you wish to sell products online but don’t have the money or space to carry out the process? Then dropshipping is for you.

Dropshipping is basically an ecommerce activity in which you don’t have to store any physical products with yourself. Instead you set up an online space for consumers to buy from and partner with suppliers who sell on your website. They take orders from your website and deliver them to the consumers doorstep.

This way you just give suppliers an online space to get more consumers to buy from them and you get a fixed commission from them.

If you want you can also resell stuff through this by buying from liquidation stores. Wholesale liquidation is basically when a company sells their products at a very low price to get rid of the stock or inventory because they’re closing their outlets for some reason, it can be because of business failure or simply relocating or closing down of one of the many outlets of the company.

When done right this can earn you great profits and you can actually sell the stuff to your clients yourself with a good profit margin.

2. Website Flipping

Website flipping is among those businesses which became popular because of the pandemic. It basically means buying a website, upgrading it and then selling it again at a profit.

You can find websites to buy from many ecommerce marketplaces like Exchange, after which you upgrade them with better content, SEO, backlinks, etc. and when it starts to make more money than you invested in it, you sell it to someone else with an appropriate profit margin.

This is most useful for people who know how to optimize a website for SEO and write good content for it. But if turned into a business you could hire people to do it for you and gain profit accordingly.

3. Content Writing

As all the businesses had to go online, they all needed to develop content and upgrade it in a timely manner because of SEO and to keep their company information up to date.

And if you’ve a good hand at writing then freelance or a company of content development or copywriting is the best business for you in 2021.

In this idea you basically get orders from your client to build content for various topics. You can choose your preferences. It can be for websites, products, blogs, articles, etc. They’ll either pay you per article or together.

It’s a great business to start right now since as mentioned above every business right now has an online presence and they need to develop and upgrade their content from time to time, there’s never less work in this business. 

4. App & Website Development

App and website development is one of the business ideas which is thriving right now. In order to provide their services even while the pandemic was on, several businesses got their apps and websites developed or upgraded.

You don’t even need to invest that much since the tools and resources you need are affordable at a low price these days.

You could hire a freelance app or website developer and take orders from clients or you could launch your own business if you’ve a good business model by developing an app or website. It’s a very easy business service to earn from.

5. Video Production

Since this lockdown started, the consumption of video content online has shot up because it was one of the forms of limited entertainment people had while sitting at home all day through Youtube or Instagram. So there’s definitely a need for people who can take on the whole video production process or parts of it which the clients can’t handle themselves and hence outsource.

If you already do something like photography or videography then you already have everything you need and with the skills of editing you’re perfectly good to go but if not then there’s only a basic investment in this business for the resources like camera, microphone, etc. and you can start it. You could hire people for shooting and editing if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

There’s a lot of scope too because you can either make your own content or take clients from all the fields and make videos for YouTube, websites, online video courses, etc. But choosing your preference will help you target the content you do want to make.


Here you can work on individual projects or take projects in bulk, that’s on how you start out. Once successful these businesses can gain a lot of profit for you in the future.

So, let us know in the comments which business is the one you want to start in 2021.


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