5 Basic Tips to Vacate a Rental Property Without Surprises

Vacate a Rental Property

The tips were developed based on the main complaints and problems involving the return of a property

The term agreed in your rental contract is running out, and it’s time to return the property. Already know where to start? What do you need to pay attention to?

Besides checking all the bills that need to be paid or checking the state of the property, for example, there are other issues that we don’t always remember.

That’s why Tajarat Properties puts together an exclusive list below with some of the main points of attention that will guide you so that you can return the property with peace of mind and without surprises. The list prepared by Fix was based on the main doubts and problems related to the process of returning property. Ah, it is worth remembering that, if you intend to return the property before the deadline established in the contract, other precautions are necessary.

Change Advance Notice Record?

It is essential that you check with your administrator the need to register a prior notice of vacancy of the property and the terms and details. Nova city islamabad, as per the Tnancy Law, strictly follows this rule when offering rental properties. It is so important that such notice is provided for in the Tenancy Law, where the lessee must notify the lessor of his intention to move up to 30 days in advance. To do this, you can go to your real estate agency and officially communicate your decision.

Once the announcement is made, there will be time to make arrangements with the landlord to return the property with due care and in the original structure of the property. If prior notice is not given, the property owner may charge an additional amount to the rent, called indemnified prior notice, in addition to other possible charges.

Organize All Documents Related to Your Rental Property Contract

Organize All Documents Related to Your Rental Property Contract

When planning the return of the leased property, it is important that you have the Initial Property Inspection document in hand , as well as the Lease Agreement . Among others, these would be the most important. Since you will be required to return the property in the same condition you found it, it is essential to use these documents to analyze what will actually have to be done – or not. Park view city islamabad offers such documents on top priority. 

It’s hard to remember all the details right when renting a property. Therefore, with the lease agreement, you will have the official record of everything that was agreed, whether the agreed period for your departure, maintenance and renovations under the responsibility of any of the parties, penalties, charges, fees, among other important details.

Speaking of documents, if for some of the expenses that are the tenant’s responsibility it was necessary to transfer the ownership of the accounts, don’t forget to talk to the property owner so that he can assume it again – or already pass it on to the new potential tenant.

Organize Your Moving Schedule

With a few steps to follow, leaving a rented property can be simple, just get organized. Therefore, it is important that you plan so that there is enough time to comply with the prior noticecarry out the change and make the necessary repairs to the property to leave it in the same state of conservation as when you arrived, as per the contract.

For this, it is recommended to consult all contact points for the tasks mentioned above, such as the landlord, real estate agent, property manager, and a company specializing in repairs and maintenance, for example, to understand how long it may take to perform each activity. In this way, you can plan better to comply with your prior notice calmly, carry out maintenance – if necessary, and avoid having to race against time to leave the property without any pending issues.

Reminder: when you leave the property, you will also have to settle any outstanding bills, so check what is actually the tenant’s responsibility and what is the landlord’s responsibility.

Necessary Repairs and Maintenance? Hire an Expert!

Necessary Repairs and Maintenance? Hire an Expert!

It is possible that there are renovations and maintenance to be done before returning the leased property. Often, the tenant himself tries to resolve some simpler issues. However, due to the complexity of some tasks, we advise the consulting of professionals with expertise in property returns, such as Fix, which even has a service specially geared towards this purpose.

This way, you avoid headaches, as the problem in question often has consequences. With the hiring of a specialized service, you will also have the guarantee of the service provided, as well as quality, technical skills and tools. One less headache!

Look for More than One Opinion About the Necessary Solutions to Return the Property

A contract between lessor and lessee can be very private and with very unique details. Therefore, it is important that you look for more opinions to return the property following the guidelines established in your lease agreement.

If you feel insecure about any part of this eviction process, it is worth noting that today there are platforms that can help you in each step of this process, such as Fix, which are specialized in this service and will bring you more comfort and peace of mind!


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