5 Amazing Ways to Create a Theatre Experience at Home

Movie Theatre

Do you miss that familiar theater feeling? It is more than halfway into 2021, but movie theaters are still not functional nationwide. And even if they are open, many people would prefer recreating a theater-like experience at home. It is a distinctive experience altogether to watch movies from the comfort of your sanitized homes. 

The excellent news is that there are plenty of alternatives than ever for movie buffs to create that perfect theater-like experience at their homes. Fortunately, advancements in technology have brought forth the ability to make a movie theater experience with good understanding. What’s more impressive are the technological advancements in modern-day home theaters and smart TVs.

Earlier, the only way to experience theaters was by buying tickets for a movie. But now, thanks to technological evolutions, smart TVs can help you recreate the perfect theater experience at your home. But it is not always about the type of smart TV or home theater system you possess. You have to take care of other aspects also while creating a theater-like experience at your home. 

1. Place your Smart TV or Home Theater in a Dedicated Space 

It is imperative to place your smart TV in a dedicated space. In simple words, you should put the home theater in a room devoted solely to watching videos on a large screen. This would help you to watch movies with minimum interruptions. Always refrain from placing the smart TV in a room that witnesses a lot of other activities. 

If you place the TV in your living room, kids usually run around, and you will face issues with ambient light. Spare bedrooms can double up as a dedicated space for recreating a theater-like experience. The dimensions of the rooms should be long enough to get the best viewing angles. If you are using a projector, you should have a minimum of a 14-foot distance. 65UN7300PTC is one of those smart TVs which would help you recreate a perfect theater-like experience at your home.

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2. Fine-Tune the Sound 

You usually think that investing in a smart TV is the only way to create a theater experience at home. But even some of the most advanced TV sets lack immersive audio quality. And when the context is about creating a theater-like experience, you should never undermine immersive sound. Quality sound can make a big difference in your viewing experience. 

Keep aside some cash for quality speakers when chalking out the budget to develop a theater experience at home. You can also invest in soundbars which can help in producing authentic sound. What’s more, you can invest in a quality AV receiver and add some speakers and woofers to complete the setup. Taking care of immersive sound will allow you to avail the perfect viewing experience. 

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3. Control the Ambient Light Properly 

Ambient lighting usually refers to the light sources located outside the room. Light coming through windows can be an example of ambient lighting. Nowadays, most people prefer maximum natural light to enter their homes. If you want a dedicated place for your home theater, you should always limit the total amount of ambient light. 

If you are watching movies on flat screens or smart TVs, ambient light can make it difficult for you to view the contents. On the contrary, if you are watching a movie with the help of a projector, ambient lighting will spoil your viewing experience. Control ambient light by opting for a projector with high lumens. 

And if you are planning a theater at home from scratch, always choose a room with the least amount of ambient light. The basement is apt to set up a theater. You can also use light-blocking curtains and specific types of shades to limit the total amount of light entering your room. This Wemax laser projector prepares you for your next movie theatre experience.

4. Proper Seating and Viewing 

It is essential to arrange proper seating and viewing to get that theater-like experience at home. No one in the room should face difficulties viewing the screen. Do not place the screen too near or far. Always refrain from opting for tiered seating at your home as it can be expensive. 

The best way to eliminate blockage of view is by raising the rear seats on the platform. It would be better if you measure the distance of the viewer from the screen. The size of the room and total dimensions of the picture usually determines. Smart TVs can be a great option if you want to have an immersive theater experience. But raise the seats of the viewers so that no one faces any difficulty while viewing the screen.  

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5. Set the Mood 

Setting the mood is another way to create a theater-like experience at your home. Smart TVs come with an array of features that helps you get the best cinematic experience. You can opt for controllable lighting fixtures to set the right mood. These light fixtures are voice-controlled, which makes it easier to control them. 

You can even control the operation of these lights straight from your smart TV. Like smart TVs, you can invest in smart lights. As the name suggests, you can control smart lights by apps or voice. These lights have different brightness levels, which will allow you to get that perfect theater-like experience. You can also opt for motorized shading to set the perfect mood. 

The Bottom Line

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can use dark paint for the walls and the ceiling. When you paint the ceiling and the border with black color, there would be minimum light reflection. You can also control sound from within the home theater or the smart TV. As you adapt to in-house movie watching, consider all the aspects mentioned above. It would be best if you were thinking about various factors to enjoy movies entirely from the comfort of your home.


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