4 Suggestions to Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger

Running a small business is difficult. That much is obvious. You have so many different aspects that need your attention, with everything from marketing your products to ensuring cash flow is steady and you can pay your bills.

There’s also another point to consider trying to compete against the big boys. Your industry will be populated with organizations that have more resources and a larger budget than your business. This likely means they’ll be able to offer products at a more competitive price, as well as providing additional services and features.

If that isn’t a problem enough, potential customers are more likely to opt for a company that is perceived as ‘bigger’. You can grow free followers for Instagram and make them as your potential customers. The great news is that you can change this perception. Here are four tips to make your small business appear bigger.

1. Utilise an 800 number

Your business needs to have a contact number for customers. Instead of having a regular phone number, which can make your company appear unprofessional, it’s recommended to get a business number – such as an 800 one.

With a reliable 800 service that incorporates various additional services, you don’t only get a fancy number, either. It’s an ideal platform to run phone marketing campaigns, where you can track the statistics behind calls and further refine your promotional efforts.

2. Have a slick, professional website

A website says very much about your business. When it’s aesthetically pleasing, fleshed out with content, and functioning seamlessly, customers are going to be impressed. You’ll even match up well against the websites of corporate giants!

When putting together a professional website, try and avoid using any basic templates on platforms like WordPress. There are many impressive templates available for a small fee, and they’re worth spending the cash on. Also, ensure the site is populated with relevant, high-quality content and all necessary business details are readily available.

3. Upgrade your logo

When a customer comes across your business, they’re typically going to see your logo first. If this logo has an amateurish, basic appearance, this isn’t going to produce the best first impression.

As a result, you should put in the effort to produce a high-quality, memorable, and professional logo. If you don’t have the skills to do this in-house, there are many expert freelancers or design agencies available.

4. Cultivate an impactful social media presence

There are ways to market your business, but few can match social media’s effectiveness. This is because marketing isn’t a one-way street any longer. Customers want to interact with your brand, and the likes of Facebook and Instagram make that particularly convenient.

As a result, you need a strong social media presence – one that has many followers and interactivity. This means you need to maintain a regular output of content. For this, make sure to share news, graphics, tips, and everything else your customers would find interesting. You can even resort to guest blogging to spread the word about your business across the internet. Also, make sure to reply to all inquiries and comments.


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