4 Signs That It’s Time to Hire an Executive Assistant


Getting a business off the ground is no small feat. You are responsible for planning, finances, marketing, hiring, customer service, and everything else all by yourself. 

As your business scales, so does the workload, which means you will have to work more hours than usual. 

While hard work is a virtue every entrepreneur should have, too much of it can lead to the downfall of what costs you a lot of effort to build. That is why you need to hire an executive assistant if you feel a little overwhelmed. 

But before you make that move, you must be sure that it is the right time to get an extra pair of hands. 

Finding the Right Candidates 

While you need to know what to look for in an executive assistant, hiring the right person for the job is even more important. 

A great executive assistant should be ready to assist you with general administrative tasks, including managing the day-to-day running of the organization and scheduling meetings or appointments. More importantly, they must exude a sheer level of self-discipline and problem-solving skills. 

A good way to identify the right candidate is by paying attention to how they answer thought-provoking questions during the interview process. Interest in activities like volunteering or involvement in professional organizations can also indicate they are a good fit. This criteria can also act as tips for executive assistant if they want to get selected for the job.

Signs That It’s Time to Get an Executive Assistant

1. You’re Overwhelmed with Responsibilities

As your business grows, your days will seem shorter than usual. 

You start realizing that responsibilities are staking up, and tasks you could handle comfortably in a few hours are left undone for days. In other instances, you may experience double bookings and have issues keeping track of your schedule, deadlines, and other important appointments.

If these signs describe your typical day, it could be time to hire an assistant. Having an assistant will allow you to delegate some administrative tasks while you attend to duties that expressly demand your attention. 

2. You Have Their Task Already Cut Out

Before thinking of hiring an executive assistant, you should consider incorporating technology to ease your workload. If this doesn’t help you free up enough time for more important things, hiring an executive assistant may be a viable option. 

The best thing about incorporating technology first is that you will have a list of all the responsibilities that the executive assistant is expected to handle once they come on board. These can include handling emails, answering and returning phone calls, taking notes at meetings, and everything else you can’t automate. 

3. You Have No Time to Think About Business Growth

Spending too much time doing day-to-day work is a good way to ensure productivity. However, too many short-term tasks will leave you with little or no time to think about development strategies, causing your business to stagnate. 

An effective business owner must spend most of their time thinking about and planning for business growth. Therefore, if you have no time to think more strategically about your business growth, you may need to let an executive assistant take some tasks off your plate.

4. You Can Afford It

Like other investments, you must ensure you get a return on investment from hiring an executive assistant. 

For example, an executive assistant for a small business will cost you approximately $39,680 per year. You must be sure you can afford one before you start looking for a potential candidate. If you can’t, it may not be time to get one yet, no matter how overwhelmed you feel. 


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