4 Mass-Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Mass-marketing is trickier than campaigns for businesses with a narrower focus. Why is this? Because the message must have a broader appeal and yet still be effective. When compared to re-targeting 1,000 customers who bought a product within the last three months, it’s a different kind of animal altogether!

Here are some types of mass marketing that can work for your business.

Bulk SMS Messaging

The best idea with bulk SMS messages is that they go out to people who are happy to receive them. From a legal standpoint, every recipient must have already opted in to receive SMS marketing messages from the company.

Otherwise, you risk a substantial fine on a per-SMS-received basis that will add up incredibly fast. Therefore, all customer details must be necessarily vetted to reach a final list of people who have already approved receiving SMS marketing from your business.

When you think about it, that’s a net positive not a negative. Anyone who hasn’t agreed to receive SMS messages from a company will likely not welcome them. And may complain too! Instead, by using a high-quality bulk SMS sender like Tatango to only send to people who’ve previously given their approval, the response rate will be higher.

Postcards Through the Mail

A postcard in the mail is often now seen as a quaint approach to reaching out to customers or potential customers. Because so much marketing is conducted via email today, people’s inboxes are littered with unwanted email. But physical mail is different.

People rarely even write love letters anymore to a sweetheart! So, receiving an interesting postcard can be unexpected and put a smile on many recipients’ faces.

Always think about providing something of interest with the postcard. So, for a company that sells writing paper, an image of a paper mill on the front with a caption, “Who do you wish to write to today?” is likely to a good one.

Cards can be mass-produced but individually labeled to personalize them a little bit.


Focusing on a common business problem that a person may have, it’s possible to create a successful bulk email campaign to go out to subscribers.

Each subscriber must have already opted in to receiving email from the business and confirmed via a double confirmation in their inbox (it prevents someone else subscribing to them in error or maliciously).

Picking up on common pain points that many entrepreneurs experience can provide a marketing angle to pursue. While talking about features is sometimes good, make the connection between your product or service and how it will assist business owners.


This second largest search engine isn’t Bing or Yahoo, but YouTube.

As a mass marketing platform, it even beats other social media platforms in connecting people searching for solutions with a video matching their request.

Creating high-quality videos allows the company to stay in control of its marketing messages whilst potentially reaching a wider audience. There’s also the option to use paid advertising on YouTube or paid promotions on other YouTube channel owners’ videos to get more eyeballs on your video content.

The video content can promote services or products, but also can answer common questions too. These can reach the masses but don’t come across as too “salesy,” so they’re better received.

Mass marketing strategies must be chosen carefully to get the most out of them without upsetting the audience in the process. However, by answering the question, “What’s in it for them?” companies can market effectively to a greater number of people.


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