3 Ways You Might Use Bluetooth at Work


Bluetooth has now been around for over 20 years, and the number of applications it has seem to keep growing. While people often use Bluetooth to connect items to their home computer or mobile phone for leisure activities, such as with earphones for listening to music, it does have a wider scope than just for play. There are devices that you can use to help you within your working life. As a business owner, this can make certain working processes more efficient, or even help to increase the likelihood of sales. 

Taking Payments

One of the important parts of your working day might be getting paid for any work you have undertaken. This may be a fairly simple feat when your clients come to your office to pay for the services, or in exchange for goods, but it may seem a little bit more confusing when you work at their residence. Instead of having to limit yourself to cash payments, you could choose to use a contactless card reader, which will also enable you to receive payments via debit or credit card. This reader can be connected to your work phone or tablet via Bluetooth, meaning that as long as your phone has power and signal, you can still receive that all-important money.

In-Car Connections

Since you shouldn’t physically use your phone when driving, you may want to find an alternative that will still enable you to take any calls during your commute to and from work, as well as during any driving that you need to undertake as part of your working day. Having your phone sat in a handsfree cradle can make it safer to have your phone near you while you drive, but might not assist when it comes to accepting, declining, and ending calls, as well as hearing the person on the other end. If your car has Bluetooth capabilities, you may be able to pair it with your phone, giving you the option to have calls come through your car speakers, and even answer or hang up using buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel. It is important that, when conducting calls while driving, you still give due attention to the road ahead of you. 

Call Centres

If your business involves the operation of call centres, or another form of customer service channel, you may require some of your team to be able to access a phone for the majority of their shift, which could span around 8 hours of the day. When trying to type at the same time, this can make holding an actual phone fairly difficult. Instead, you could opt to use a headset, which could be connected to the computer via Bluetooth. This may also give your team a little more freedom to stretch their legs while conducting calls, as well as to type and talk at the same time.

Even if you don’t want to become too reliant on different pieces of technology, you may still be able to find pieces that work for you. Bluetooth capabilities can help you to connect one piece of technology to another, streamlining an existing process.


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