3 Ways to Engage Through Mass Texting

Mass Texting

One of the benefits to the modern world of business and all the advancements that the digital age has brought, is that it has greatly increased almost every market. More and more businesses can get online and sell their wear and services in ways that have previously just not been possible. Mammoth tech companies like Google allow the average consumer to have almost unlimited access to information at their fingertips. Because of the interconnectedness of the internet, being able to engage businesses from all over the world is a very real possibility. 

While this is all good, it also has its negative effects. Marketing departments are faced with more complex issues and challenges when it comes to engagement than ever before, and part of this is due to these changes. The average consumer who has a connection to the digital world is exposed to more advertisement and marketing than ever before. What’s more, is that the convenience that technology has brought to the consumer has made the job of engagement even more difficult.

Businesses have to work hard to stay ahead of their competition and engage with customers. If this slacks, competition comes in quickly to steal away the attention of the consumer. One method of marketing that has unique advantages when it comes to engagement, is mass texting services. While there’s no such thing as a silver bullet to dodge all of the challenges that marketing companies face, mass texting does have some unique qualities that can be seen as clear advantages. 

First of all, mass texting is unique in that it provides a method of engagement that is not spam. Delivering important, valuable information directly to the customer in a convenient way is a powerful advantage that mass text marketing can offer. This sets itself apart from things like email or even physical paper marketing that can make their way into spam folders or physical trash cans. Because a text message is so convenient to immediately interact with, mass text marketing has incredibly high open rates

While high open rates are good, there is still more work to do when it comes to getting profitable engagement from your customers using mass texting service. If you have been wanting to find ways of building engagement through mass texting, here are three ideas to check out. 

1. Build Exclusivity

With so many options for the modern consumer to invest in, building customer loyalty has never been more challenging or more important. A primal desire of humans is to simply belong, and this can be something that brands offer to customers. Creating a sense of exclusivity for customers can assure them that they are part of something bigger than themselves in a meaningful way. 

Marking departments can offer a unique way of accomplishing this through mass texting services. By giving specific, exclusive perks to customers who enable SMS marketing, you can create a sense powerful of exclusivity. This could look like special offers that can only be accessed through texting services. 

For non-profits that utilize mass texting services, they can send out important updates on the mission that their donor base would find important. Maybe this looks like sharing unique, specific, and time-sensitive needs exclusively through text with committed donors who want to know how they can further help. 

2. Keyword Engagement

One of the most unique features that mass texting services can offer to market teams is the use of keyword engagement. This allows teams to send out initial messages that invite the customer into engagement through the use of keywords. This could either be a keyword to go further into information that the customer cares about, or a keyword to terminate the conversation.

Either way, this kind of engagement is unique because it puts the power in the hands of the customer. This could look like an exclusive promo code that is available, however, to receive it the customer must text back a keyword to confirm they want the promo. Not only does this method of marketing have a high open rate, but using keyword strategies can show the customer that you respect their time and capacity.

3. Bring Customer in on Decision Making 

One creative way to engage customers is to allow them to vote on decisions that affect their favorite brands. Maybe that looks like sending out a possible lineup of items for the next season, and seeing which one garners the most votes and interest. This kind of engagement could also be incentivized with special promo codes for participation.


The amount of flexibility that mass texting services give when it comes to engagement is unique. Building smart automation that guides customers through engagement processes is one of the benefits of mass texting services and something that can help create brand loyalty in customers. If you have been wanting to find ways of engaging your customers, then maybe mass texting strategies can be exactly what you are looking for!


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