3 Unique Ways To Invest In The Future Of Your Business

Business Investment

Whether you are running a start-up in its first year, or an SMB that you are steadily scaling up, business owners are always looking at new ways to invest in their business. 

Nothing is a sure thing, and this can be brutally true in business. However, there are methods that you can employ to save money or to invest money that have the potential to save or grow your capital to support your business growth.

In this article, we’ll look at unorthodox ways that you can invest in the future of your business endeavours.

A Specialist Skill And Equity Exchange

This is a tip that can work for business owners at any stage in their journey but tends to benefit business owners that have had a successful independent career before their business.

Nowadays there will always be startups looking for investors, but not every startup will be looking for capital. Expert knowledge, mentorship, and skills are hard to get for a new business owner and so many young businesses will use the expertise for equity model.

This can take up a small portion of your time to consult them on matters you know a great deal about in exchange for some of their company’s equity. This can result in a small, passive stream of income that you can pour into your own business endeavours.

In essence, you can support your own business by consulting with businesses that do not compete in your sector or area.

Invest In Your Own Server

This may not be an obvious money saver or an option you have considered until now. But if you are a company that rents server space or a server machine for your day-to-day operations, then it may be worthwhile to bring your own server in-house.

Obviously, you will need to crunch the numbers to ascertain if it will be worthwhile but renting server space can be expensive. Running your own server also has the advantage that you have full control over it – and by default any sensitive information it may be holding.

Not only can it be a good way to save money on server rent bills in the long run but it can provide your company with a more secure information handling process that is fully within your control.

If you are thinking this may be a good way to invest in your own business, then ETB Technologies offer a wide variety of build to order servers you can customize for your own requirements.

Invest Some Spare Capital In Cryptocurrency

They said that cryptocurrency was the future back when it started, and we have all heard of the success stories early Bitcoin investors have had. That being said, we need to manage our expectations. Some traders call it ‘the next gold rush’ but that is a dangerous message to send.

However, Cryptocurrency is a valid method to invest in for the future – and we are not just talking about Bitcoin. There are many other cryptocurrencies out there that are gaining popularity that have the potential for investment gains.

The big Bitcoin alternative that is gaining popularity is currencies like Ethereum, Lite Coin, DogeCoin, and many others; they are all tradable and worthwhile looking at. Obviously, always do your research and consult an expert before you invest in this way.


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