3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Business Activity

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Working from home is the ideal situation for many people. However, alongside the various positive aspects, there are also some areas of improvement that you need to remember in order to optimize your home space for a business atmosphere. Being too complacent could have a detrimental effect on your motivation and productivity levels, and you could be viewed as less than professional if clients happen to visit your home.

Here are 3 tips to better prepare your home space for a business environment.


1. Insure Yourself Against Any Risks

It’s often difficult to view your home property in the same way you would a business property because you are emotionally attached to your personal space. However, it’s crucial that you analyze your home space with a practical mindset if you are going to be performing business services there. This is particularly prudent if you are going to have clients visiting your home premises; for example, if you are going to be a home-based hairdresser or beautician, where clients may visit your property for their treatments. This means that existing home insurance won’t cover the risks posed when operating a business from your home. Substantial business insurance also needs to be taken out, such as beauty business insurance, as demonstrated by Hiscox, if you’re going to be offering those specific services.


2. Set Up a Designated Space

Not only will this look more professional if you do have clients visiting your property, but it also allows you to separate your work life from your home life, and therefore maintain a healthy balance. It is preferable to have a professional office or room dedicated to your business service, rather than your personal living area or kitchen. By having a business room or office space, you can shut the door (literally) on your work at the end of the day and enjoy your home space separately. This could be a spare bedroom, a desk set up in the conservatory, or a spare living room – anywhere which best works for you and sees you at your most productive.


3. Eliminate Any Distractions

This is particularly important if you live with others, whether a partner, roommate, or large family. Your business space should be set up separately from communal rooms, and those you live with need to understand and respect your working hours to ensure that you’re not disturbed when you are working. It’s also important to consider distractions when setting up your designated space. It’s better to have your business take place in a room without a television or phone, for example, so that there is no risk of your focus being distracted. However, in some cases, there may be a need for you to have a phone in your business room, and in these situations, you should consider a separate business landline rather than your personal mobile phone, so you are not tempted by personal activity.

Once your home is best prepared following these steps, there is no reason you cannot work more efficiently and effectively in your home-based role.


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